Planning my first build...any and all input welcomed (needed =)!

Yeah $800 for a dual is too small to make anything decent

And imo get a setup that allows you to upgrade to dual motors when needed

So TB218mm or Surfrodz


Alright, TB218’s it is! I’ll drop the extra $$ for the dual, fuck it :grinning: I’m still on the fence about whether to get Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6364-190kv or those those ToqueBoard 6355’s? What are the main differences between these motors I should consider other than price?


The @torqueboards 6355 now are shipping pre-battle-hardened, so the choice is very, very easy :smiley:

Get the ones with the epoxy, aka the TB 6355


Does the epoxy help with cracked magnets or is epoxy on the stator side?

Yes, yes, yes

Hopefully it’s on both sides. We need a new thread for reviewing these motors, they just dropped a couple days ago.


Got my motor apart its toast so ill be getting @torqueboards 6374s ASAP

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I’ve never owned either brand. The TB motors (6355) tho i feel like have a better warranty seeing the owner of the site is a community member.

Alot if guys use both of those tho.
They are the same kv so will be similar speeds but the bigger motor will stay cooler while doing it.

These are also on sale.

Personally i run maytech motors on all my builds. But i understand setting budget.

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The older TB6355 are really good. The new ones I have not tried yet, they just dropped mere days ago


@torqueboards if yall need someone to review your new motors. I live near Posper, TX

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You can build a single motor esk8 and then upgrade to dual later. I’m not saying you should, just that it’s an option.

Maybe look for a couple of refurbished or used focbox’s to save some cash.

@okp is still testing his SV pulley and mount system, prolly a couple of weeks it at first. It won’t be cheap either, he makes quality gear.

I’d suggest looking at flywheels and caliber 2s, is ask @jlabsb about motor mounts, he had dinner that are easy to install and rockk solid. He has some good flywheel cones as well.

Both @JLabs and @torqueboards motors are quality, you’ll be happy with either one.


So I’m thinking of just going all TB for the trucks, motors, and mounts: TB6355, TB218mm trucks and the V5 dual motor mount set. I’m looking at the bottom and it says compatible with 6374 motors. These are compatible with the 6355’s too right? IDK, getting all this stuff from TB seems like the easiest route for getting all this to fit together no? https:///collections/electric-skateboard-motor-mounts/products/v5-fixed-motor-mount-set


6355 6364 6374 6380 wil all have same mounting patterns. 63xx or 50xx is the important part when matching motors to mounts


I use a fair bit of tb stuff and that v5 mount is a good quality item. The motors used to have a few issues but they have been sorted now but no real testing has been done yet. The sk3 motor you linked is however pretty much bullet proof but is a sensorless unit. Sensors just stop the cogging or shuddering you get when starting from a dead stop. I barely notice it on my set up. They are a big unit though measuring in at 86mm end to end so with that mount being fixed you may run into problems getting 2 in there. They do fit the tb 6374/6380 and for someone of your weight thats the size I would be going for. Not much difference in the power but the 6355 will get hotter when you push them. Grab the lot from torqueboards and be assured that it all goes together and you will get some good back up.


@whaddys - Stick to 15mm wide belts as they’ll be the compatible option for our AT tires in a few months if you want to go pneumatics.


So just for logistics sake here, say I get everything TB; the 218mm trucks, dual 6355 (@dareno you think I should go 6374/6380?), 15mm belts, which motor pulleys do I go for? Obviously15mm, but how many teeth? Is there a consideration between motor pulleys, # of teeth on the motor pulleys and # of teeth on wheel pulleys that I need to consider in terms of compatibility with each other? My main concern is that in the end all this is compatible with the wheel pulleys which I’ll have to find from someone on the forum, and so far okc is the only on I’ve seen with anything. I just don’t know if his are going to be compatible or if he will even have any to sell me, I haven’t gotten a response from him yet. This is the nitty gritty part that I’m still clearly not very knowledgable on yet, I just want to make sure all the parts (specifically the pulleys and belts) will fit in the end before I buy all that stuff from TB. Thanks again everyone for being patient with a noob and helping guide me in this! This community is reallly badass!

@okp’s pulleys for the magnums are 32T (tooth). TB motors are 190kv. Hard to say what motor pulley tooth count you should go for before you’ve decided what battery you’ll be getting. You can use this simple esk8 calculator to see how different battery configs will affect your top speed.

However, you don’t want too few teeth, because then your belts could slip. I’m using 14T pulleys and my belt slips if the tension isn’t perfect, so I would recommend either 15T or higher.

Playing around with the more advanced calculator ( to see minimum speed as well, I think 16T motor pulleys with a 10s Li-ion battery would be perfect, giving you an average loaded speed of 27mph, and max loaded speed of 31mph. (Minimum 22.5mph)

As for motors: dual 6355 will be completely enough for you; my dual 6355 bring me up steep hills just fine; would be silly to put anything heavier on your kicktale deck anyway :slight_smile:

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Just realized @okp’s pulleys have an integrated bearing (they don’t clamp onto the wheels from both sides), so you’ll need a truck with an extended axle to use them. Luckily, the TB trucks have an extended axle, so they are still a great choice.

Is it enough axle tho? I know he designed them on surfrodz trucks which have shoulder bolts for axles so you can get different lengths.

So. The closer together the teeth count, the higher the top speed. Further apart, more acceleration.

So let’s say you start at 16t motor pulleys and 40t wheel pulleys. If you went from 40t to 42t on wheels, you’d lose top speed for more acceleration. Or you could go to 32t (wheel pulleys) for higher top speed.

Now if you go from 16t (motor pulleys) to 18t , you’ll now be at 18-40. you’ll lose acceleration for speed this time.

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Just to add about the belt size, there is length and width of the belt (as well as tooth shape/spacing but that’s basically standardized). Think most people here use at least 12mm wide belt but 9 or 15 are options too, wider the belt less likely it will break (also want it tensioned tight enough to not have teeth skip but not so tight to put stress on the bearings in the motor). The motor mounts typically have a slot for the screws so you can adjust the tension by hand (would be nice to have a bolt for this like on my mk3 printer but hand tensioning works fine). The length of belt will depend mostly on the diameter of the wheel pulley.

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