Planning on building an esk8 but have some questions

I want to build an esk8 I’ve been doing some reasearch on parts and I understand all the mechanical things but not the electrical stuff. I’ve recently found this kit diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/pro2-30mph-kit/#whatvescconnectors. It says that it has everything needed to create a 30mph board but I’m not sure everything needed is there so if you guys can just check it and give me some helpful tips and advice.

It has everything you need to create a single drive system. I’m not sure why there is a canbus cable, you only need that for dual systems, but it has everything else you need.

It doesn’t include a male to male cable needed for the VESC is what I thought but maybe I’m wrong. Also does the setup have the capabilities to hit 30 mph if I weight around 130lbs

Yep! Looks like pretty much everything you need. Agree it’s odd to add the canbus cable for dual setup.

I’d either upgrade to a single 6374, or maybe you want to go dual 6355 later?

If you want to go dual later - then you are set since you have the canbus already… :wink:

Also are there any downhill boards that are reccomemmend. (Not heavy)

you aren’t heavy, or you want a light board?

asking for deck suggestions is like asking which is better - blondes or redheads. (personal preference! and redheads btw).

I’d go to daddies board shop and look at decks you like. I suggest downhill decks w/ wheel clearance - so those w/ cutouts are easiest to run bigger wheels without risers. Recommend stiff vs flex (easier, but a deck with some flex is doable too).

12s2p is a bit weak IMO even with 30q cells - how heavy are you and do you plan to ride up hills?

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diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/motor-6374-190kv-3150w/ This is what you recommend right. Would this give me more power?

Both not heavy and light board

I am 130 lbs and I do not plan to go up many hills just very low grade ones. I just want a fast board with a distance of around 10-15 miles

Yes - a single motor 6374 will have more power than a single 6355.

but the single 6355 will be easy to fit a second later if you want dual motors. If you go 6374, you would need to run second motor dual diagonal, or use DIYes 218mm extended caliber clone trucks.

Diagonal: for example one on the back on the right side and one on the front on the left side

What is the difference between Kegel drive wheel kit and ABEC drive wheel kit

What battery would you recommend then

I’ve never heard anyone say they don’t like the Landyachtz Top Speed.

And yeah, redheads rock out loud :slight_smile:

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The 12s3p will have more amps so more torque and speed. If your gonna go dual eventually Id suggest the 12s3p or 12s4p.

Thanks! Do you know the difference between ABEC drive wheel kit and the Kegel drivewheel kit?

… they use different wheels. (Flywheel / flywheel clones vs Orangatang Kegel).

It depends on what wheels you’re planning on using.

i don’t like the lanyachtz top speed…


Actually reminds me of the arbor vangheusen (or however you spell) shape. Good looking deck. BUT not much wheel clearance vs dual cutout deck. So depending on wheels you want to run it may not be the best without big risers (not my favorite).

Yes dual diag. kegel/abec - Different wheels - google them. one is 80mm, the other is 76, 83, 90, 97mm options w/ the same hub to mount gear.

battery - if on budget - lipo. Also check with @barajabali for custom 18650 packs to see what he suggests (the expert). Likely more $, but maybe not depending.

Redheads are crazy scary and so awesome all at the same time!

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Higher voltages are prone to more issues though so maybe 10s would be better

I’m going to put together a full parts list so it’s easier to see