Please enlighten me. First 12s FOC build. DRV Fault?

Hey Guys,

Spent a few days aligning parts, soldering and setting up the two FocBoxes on this dual 6374 build. Everything seems to run fine, both motors turned on the bench sensors detected fine blah blah blah

I screwed on the enclosure/cover, turn it on and pressed the throttle a little, one motor turned and the other didn’t :pensive:. Opened everything up and saw the dread red led. Plugged it into the PC and this is the fault I see…

Can you tell what I did wrong by these images?

You detected in FOC independently for both?

At any time did any of the phase wires touch while powered on…

Never spin it up on the bench. Number one reason why people fry drv’s. Ooh and bad solder jobs. Did you manage to ride it?

why? assuming you do not fry your motherboard like i did :smiley:

I can lend u my spare vesc if u want till you get that one repair/replace .


There is no load while bench testing. This means you can go over the erpm limit very quickly if there is one. That and all sorts of other things.

It won’t hurt just spinning the motor a little bit but most of us go full throttle right then and there. That’s where the error lies.

How about my numbers, would any of that be my issue?

@Deckoz each was detected independently. I have a receiver for each focbox.

@RedEagle basic solder jobs on my end would not be bad. I’ve been soldering stuff since I was like 4 since my dad was a electrical engineer. Can’t do most of what he can, but this I can do. as for spin up on bench. I only did slow spins to check direction, not really full throttle or anything. I never stepped on it since I’m still waiting for belts and one of the motor pulleys.

@scepterr Can you send me back the two FocBoxes when you get a chance. Might need it now


Awwww dude, Im so sorry. that sucks. If you need a loaner I have a couple of spares on the way.


Are you 100% sure you loaded the correct FW on there? Everything you have posted on there looks fine to me. I know on the newer VESC Tools, it can be easy to pick the wrong one from the list they give you

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I’ll double check tonight, but I’l 99% sure I picked the correct 4.12 FW when I updated it to Ackmaniac

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Im staying at 2.54. I had a ton of issue when trying to get 3.1 on latest FoxBox’s.

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‘‘Its carvon speed drive I full throttle it all the time when I was fixing it without load they don’t pass the erpm limit . never had issues’’

Well, if your erpm is under 60k, solder job’s good. you’re using reliable psu/battery then it all comes down to the esc. If you’re lucky you’ll get one of the good batch.

For example I’ve had only one maytech vesc fail on me and it was my fault. Never used any other brand.

I read it wrong its 6374 motor @RedEagle

How long are your main battery wires? I would also check which rail is shorted.

I generally stay at stock firmware I think its 2.14 or 2.17 never had issues if it ain’t broke don’t fix It lol.


I like @Ackmaniac at 2.54, I get the app, modes, acceleration/brake curve…all good.

No issues here. Running maytech 4.12 on 3.1 Really curious about which issues.

The biggest thing with the new FW is that the VESC Tool UI is very different from the old BLDC Tool. Both of them work fine and some functions are more optimized on the new FWs, but if you don’t take the time to familiarize yourself with the software… you’re gonna have a bad time

why go full throttle(with arrow keys), just put it on like 5k rpm and see if it spins nicely

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hmmm so are you saying no to ackmaniac? not that I care what I use. I just want this thing to work