Plug and play lipo bms kit?

Not very familiar in the lipo making world but they clearly have a positive/negative cable and a balance cable. Ideally I’m looking for a system where I can buy a 10s configuration of lipo packs from hobbyking and plug into a magical bms black box and only have to make xt90 series/parallel connectors. Does this wizardry exist?

I’ve only ever seen upto a 6s lipo. You will have to make some series conntections to get to 10s. You could get 2x 5s and connect them In series. It’s pretty simple tbh.

I’m golden on the series and parallel connections. I need to know the bms wiring.

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Nope just use a tutorial on YouTube on how to hook up two 5s lipos to a normal 10 pin bms simple.


Just look at the vid for balance wire connections lol.

Yeah it depends on the bms but pretty simple overall. Let us know which batteries you are getting and we can give you a diagram of how to wire it.

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I watched that video already and was just hoping someone was smart enough to make a bms where you just plugged in the balance cables and you’re done. Just being hopeful

That video does some things right, and some things wrong. Please don’t hot glue your balance cables into the connectors

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short answer, nein. very easy to make though. i can give ya a hand with schematics and whatnot

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Watching this thread for when I go to set up my 10s lipo and bms set up

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You guys are far too kind.

  1. What’s a good c rating for a 10s hub street board (150 lbs mild to moderate hillage) ?
  2. What’s the difference between 5 X 2s batteries and 2 x 5s batteries of equal capacity?
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Oh no pretty much all of them require some type of soldering, if that’s what you meant.

Well I believe most of us are smart enough to make are on corrections.

Oops replied to the wrong person, was meant for j dizzle

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Edit: I used this as a guide for my lipo build. Honselty the best thread for lipo related build/questions

Well having 5x 2s means having 5, 2s cells in series and 2x 5 means having 2, 5s cells in series or some people refer to it as the same

Also 20c means capacity times c rating

So 5s 5000mah 20c means 20x 5 which is 100a

And basically no difference if there the same capacity

I’m handy with soldering so it shouldn’t be a problem


Man get outta here with this please haha. I’m asking on a much more technical level. I know cell configs from lithium ion well.

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Haha was woundering why you were asking such easy questons

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Yeah I dont k now if you’d see a profomance difference between the two but you can make a slimmer pack if you go with 5x 2s lipos

What kind of hubs are you using