Plz help, my mind says10s, my fun parts say 12s

I have 3 boards. An all out 4wd raceboard, a fun torquey 2wd friend that eats bird scooters like flipsky burns up mosfets, and an endurance board.

Long story short, for the long range ride- do I make a 10s10p (100 30Q’s) or 12s9-8p (96-108)?

I have all the cells on hand. The scientist/doctor in me says, 10s (bc voltage, and maths, dependability, BMS) , the Marine in me says, 12s unless your a little…

The point is, I have other rides that will peel your face back. I want this for distance at a notch over typical esk8 speeds. Opinions please.


As long as finding a BMS isn’t hard, there’s no downside to going 12s. You certainly have enough cells where you wouldn’t be sacrificing total capacity or power :slight_smile:

If you go 12s, you will never go back to 10s.

What is seen cannot be unseen.


:face_with_hand_over_mouth: :shushing_face: don’t let that out. I had a great aunt who was money on 8s. Then all these hot shot forum guys got her hopped up on 10s. Never turning back.


I’ve done the math and have come up with a perfect compromise for you…

12s10p it is!


Hold on to your fun parts and go 12s…

points noted. I’m surprised someone didn’t recommend 13s. :call_me_hand:

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Yeah. @deckoz is still in bed.


I’m a big lump and for me 12s is a revelation. Just because you have the power doesn’t mean you have to use it all but for me my 12s set up runs cooler than my equivalent 10s at the same settings. Don’t ask me why because I have no idea. Not my area of expertise but hill climbs with the 12s and the motors are cooler. Theres some mathematical and physical electrical wizardry going on but its above my paygrade so I just go with what actually happens. 12s all day long. or 13s :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • The goal is long range so,
  • 10s-10p 100 cells is better than 96 in 12s-8p
  • 12s-9p is better still = 108 cells.
  • 12s-10p is win all round. = 120 cells.

That is a lot of battery right there. You’ll need the range because you will never be able to lift it.

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10S10P for the win

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If Ur going 10p consider Samsung 35e , its 15-30% more range, depending on riding style.


I agree totally. I might add, above 8P everything changes. 30Q is no longer king unless you want massive 4WD battery currents

Only over 8P:
optimizing for cost: Panasonic 18650PF
optimizing for range: Samsung 18650-35E


Total noob question,

Are batteries more efficient when run with less current than the max?

and could the difference between Q30s and 35es be unnoticeable because You won’t push the last saggy mile on the 35es.

(lets say at a reasonable 10s5p)

and I do get your on about 8P + but still.

YES absolutely

If the amount of current you are drawing does not approach the cell ratings, then the 35E will be better. Typically in esk8 we run current values close to the cell ratings and so 30Q are almost always better. Almost always. If you’re over 8P you should reevaluate the best cell for your needs. Or over 6P on a single-motor. It still might be 30Q, but it might not be.

Once you get to the 10P depths, 30Q is almost never the ideal cell anymore, unless you’re drawing 100A or more from the battery.

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based on what you posted, my advice would be go with 10S. It tends to be a more dependable option than 12S where most ESCs are concerned and at 10S voltages you’ll be limited to a lower top speed which will force you to extend the range because watt hours are watt hours no matter how you slice them.


Go with 12s and focboxes/unitys Are you sure you want that many cells? My 12s4p single drive is already pretty heavy and im not the guy who cares about the weight much

He’s right, I run a 30q 12s8p but I run 160a max battery current and 320a max motor current so I need the 30q

On a 2wd I wouldn’t need more than 120a max battery current so I may do a 35e set up on my 44 build.

Edit go 12s even if you don’t use the power often it’s always there. I only have 1 10s build left and it feels a bit lacking.

I have to say, I went 10s on a build and regretted it from day one.

I doubt you will regret 12s if your motor controllers stay healthy, but there is a good chance you will live in a semi state of regret if you decide on 10s.

This is based on real world experience.

The other thing to consider is you aren’t a poor college kids and you have multiple builds with more in the works most of the time.

You can afford the risk of 12s. Something breaks? Oh well, fix it and ride something else for a while.