POLL: Carvon delivery times (Website, Kickstarter rewards, Group Buy, etc.)

Since the information about delivery times I am getting from Carvon is less than abundant, I am turning it upside down and ask customers, as me (Kickstarter backer) about who got what product after what kind of wait duration.

I don*t mean any harm to anyone or to rain on anybody’s parade, BUT (there’s always a big but) the facts are

  1. The EVO 2WD was supposed to ship in July

  2. There have been setbacks in the availability of parts that account for some delay (I get that)

  3. Lately more and more new products are being sold without having shipped the old ones

Also the updates on Kickstarter and especially the answers to backers’ questions have become fewer and elusive. I asked for an updated plan for delivery of the Kickstarter rewards, for example, and they did not answer at all.

I would be content to know that, let’s say they plan to ship in January or so, and that the reason for the additional delay is X.

But I don’t have that information.

So please let me know, if you will, what is your experience with Carvon so far? Did you get you reward or ordered product in the expected time frame?

BTW: If that did not come across clearly. I am very fond of the products Carvon produces and cannot wait to get my feet on a board with direct drives. That’s why I backed them in the first place.

i got my set of carvon v3, how you might ask? I stole em, lol jk i essentially went out and bought them from someone who wasnt utilizing them. But i belive carvon is using these new orders to fund their expansion

Ordered V4 Speed Drive XL on November 6th. Will post whenever I receive them.

E: Website said it would ship on January 2018

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Ordered V2.5’s in January, got them in May or June. Carvon can really mess with your patience.

I ordered v4 on August 9, was told they’d ship in 3-4 weeks. After multiple emails and DM on IG with no answer, the only way that I got an answer was when I replied to a post on IG. I guess you have to make it public to get a reply. And I just settled for v3 coz I didn’t wanna wait anymore. Got them on November 2. Actually messaged him to cancel my order. But he never replied until he already sent them. So, I ended up keeping them.

Ordered v3 speed drives on the Kickstarter and got them late August. I was fine with the delay because he ended up making upgrades to the design.

Dude your concerns are totally valid and I’m sure there are many here biting thier tongues right now that wanna chime in but are trying to be nice…lol

And too “absolutely” make excuses for Jerry lol This ain’t easy trying to design something that will work as intended and will last you.

Let’s go to the video tape :point_down:t2:

This was the first EVO. Check out the Drive System.

Now notice the drive system currently offered that’s used on the EVO Definitely not the same design. :point_down:t2:

Add the tweeking of the adapter to accept Abec11 and clones

It definitely takes time to design it. It takes time to ensure that all the parts work as intended so that you guys aren’t turned into beta testers. He doesn’t want to recall Carvon Drive systems because of an issue like a broken axle or wheels falling off. So, he’ll take the heat for being slow to deliver if it means you get system that lives up to the hype. Plain and simple.

So, I guess the less than stellar delivery times, is an unfortunate byproduct of Carvon taking it slow and steady to avoid the issues and problems of other crowd funded projects Esk8 and non-Esk8 alike. This is a very small community. People can forgive waiting as long as the end product meets or beats expectations.

For those that have purchased a Carvon product and are still waiting…Do you still believe and feel the same abt Carvon now as you did when you first clicked on the buy button or sent funds? If the answer is yes…then hang in there…if you paid…you’ll get your Carve On soon. If no…I’m sure there is some willing to take them off your hands.

Waiting sucks. But it’s worth the wait.


And to back up his shit up…Jerry has agreed to refund anyone that don’t wanna wait (even the Kickstarter people way back) just let him know. No harm. No foul. He wants you guys to shred, but if waiting is a hitch in your plans. Let him know.

He’s doing his very best not to let anyone down. And it’s a tough situation to be in when people want thier stuff and the parts are not ready for various reasons because really shit happens and it’s the customer that pays for it by waiting longer.

We’ve seen this issue with pretty much every small builder or company.and issues are discussed here in comparison to larger more established Esk8 companies https://www.reddit.com/r/ElectricSkateboards/comments/76amk3/diy_companies_lhbollincarvonetc_vs_the_big/?st=J9QJ0ZRK&sh=3d9d6b37

So, to wait or not to wait? That’s a great question. How badly do you wanna feel the Carvon difference? I dunno? Is the hype real? It’s up to you guys to answer that.

i would like to say, i 100% agree new technology and at one point or another those companies such as “boosted” or evolve were once in the shoes of Jerry,small company trying to fulfill orders and expand there company.Now a days its a lot harder to grow with all these cheap companies,and misinformation of the market to new people. I rather wait and know that there is 0 possibility of failure knowing the product is ready.Big companies have had mess ups before such as boosted with there batteries or evolve with there bms’s or batter packs as well.You kinda know what your getting when it comes to kick starter he is trying his best.

Yes and No. Expectations are made with dates. And that’s the problem. Miss it and there are people with pitch forks waiting…we’ve seen it in various forms. The understanding goes away, and people get upset. All understandable, yes and no. The consumers now expect a listed item to be in stock and available. We in the DIY world have a better understanding of how this all works. The average person doesn’t. And it’s something you cant teach or tell them so they truly understand, they need to experience it for themselves to fully comprehend the insanity of it all.

I backed the V3 on kickstarter whenever that was and received my drive mid September. It was a long wait but well worth it. That first ride was breathtaking.

I just turned 38 recently and have noticed that in the past 15 years people have definitely gotten less and less patient and scream for instant gratification and I’m guilty of that as well. You just have to remember Carvon is a small business that’s aiming for top notch products. That needs time. Many esk8 companies over promise and under deliver. Jerry is definitely promising and delivering the quality but time is hard to predict as these are not assembled by an endless row of low wage Chinese workers but in the states by…a few? Just Jerry? Idk

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Been on the esk8 diy scene for awhile I understand that shit happens, but at least let people know what’s happening. it can’t be difficult to give an update on what’s going on. Specially when he has a new promotional post everyday. And in my case, he said he was just waiting for the adapters for non abec11 wheels. Something that I didn’t even want/need. It’s just frustrating for some of us who doesn’t have a lot of time to enjoy riding. Especially winter is coming.

I’ve gotten 31 progress update to date. Sure, not all in regards to V3/V4 but clearly, Jerry is not just fanning himself with our money during the summer

Yep. Can you imagine?

Hence the enlistment of @longhairedboy and @psychotiller on the builds.

He’s trying to get to a point where he’s firing on all cylinders. And essentially by yourself, it’s almost impossible. Hence, you see me here in his absence.

There’s a question of non-delivered goods and new products coming out…yeah it’s obviously confusing…making people wonder…where’s my shit? And why is he selling different stuff? Then it becomes, I want the new stuff…he honors it…he tries to bump people up to something better…of course with the cost of waiting.

All I can say is…Be glad he’s engineering new products and not trying to fix problems on current products. Chew on that for a minute.


Orederd the V3 among the first ( not even on kickstarter but on their website before the KS was live ) and recieved them mid september. Was supposed to ship in May. The wait was worth it. Carvon is the best drive in the industry.

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Man, I wish I could be of some help being this close to his shop. If it wasn’t for my almost three year old’s busy weekends, I’d have Jerry teach me a few things so I can help just for hobby sake

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Awesome offer and no doubt he’d take you up on it. But would be better if we could round up more support for the EXO


Hands on deck is awesome, but orders are really what makes the wheels go round. The rest would take care of its self once orders and money come in. It would allow him to hire the needed help and other things that make the purchase to delivery time quicker.

The DIY community in general, respects the Carvon product, I think. It’s unattainable for many because of its higher price point and unconventional design. We are a small community. In the EXO, Jerry is offering an affordable taste of what Carvon DIYers and Owners have known all along, but had to pay a premium to obtain. And progressing on the EXO would help bolster Carvon and insures continued development of new products and support of old ones.

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Between the three of us, there may even be a whole cylinder!

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Unless he’s been testing these for a while (at least a year), you can’t eliminate this risk.

It takes time for parts to get made and things to get assembled, which I believe is more likely the reason people are waiting. It’s the reason we haven’t shipped motors either. Machining companies will tell you this day, and blow past that date. We still don’t have the samples we we’re suppose to have 3 weeks ago. Every factory we have worked with blows past their delivery dates with little concern. We always get the parts in the end, but they always struggle to get things on time. Don’t know why I had a feeling this time would be different, and it’s likely an issue for carvon, as it has been for enertion too.

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Has anyone done a video review of the EXO vs. other boards in its price range? And of course vs. Boosted and Evole for good measure? If I hadn’t gotten sucked into the V4SDXL vortex, I might have gotten an EXO just because it looks like such a solid board, especially for $700-800. Seems like a viral review video spread around Reddit, Facebook, Boosted & Evole forums would open a lot of people’s eyes.