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4.20 is the mini, i think you mean 4.12 single insead of 4.20 single.

Yeah you’re right but I can’t edit the poll after it has begun. I’ll ask a mod for help later when I’m back at my pc

I would also sort it out so its their 6354 and their 6374 since it seems like there has only been talked about problems on the 6374.

Thanks, good idea this thread!

I haven’t the answer I want for 4.20 Mini and dual (working on smooth flat ride 10s bldc, but when I push to much the trigger uphill I got OVER CURRENT and over intensity when braking, I will try if FOC is better now)…

(my click on mini is an error !) :sweat_smile:


great thread, would be cool to see more results

I’m currently testing the FlioSky Dual FSESC 4.2 with a 10s4p 30q battery pack using the following config.

Motor Current Max: 30A Motor Current Max Brake: -30A Battery Current Max: 50A Battery Current Max Regen: -40A

I’m still trying some stuff out with the config and gearing, but so far I’m impressed. 27mph max at this point, which is the limit if my current gearing.

Edit: added battery pack to description


Is that on 10s Mike?

Yes sir, 10s4p 30q pack. Added that to my initial post.

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FOC or BLDC? I don’t know much of esc conffig, but isn’t the batt regen too high for liion?

BLDC, I’ll try FOC after I run through all the options on BLDC.

Not to my knowledge, 20a per group, 4 groups in parallel. I’m using half of that.


Liion doesnt equal liion. 30q actually can take 4A continous and they can handle a short burst, safety>battery.

Then shouldn’t max regen be set at 16?

If u follow the peak continuous charge rate as ur guide yes but we do a lot of “burst” braking


thanks for your parameters Mike ! I don’t know why … I don’t try putting more on batt than motor amps get … I will try this too !!.. Maybe it will help mine.

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careful with battery current. depends if your battery can derliver it without taking damage.

:wink: yes, thanks Ben, well point ! It should > 10s 5Ah 45C Graphene (extra small, compact and powerfull, was runing them on my light setup mtb last summer)

My 4.20 dual arrives today. I should get it all plumbed in and get time on it this afternoon

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This is dependent on the motors you’re using really and I expect those settings are split between two motors.

Just try with 30A batt max on the Dual4.20, keeping all my motor parameter at 20A. Trying full throttle a bit uphill but all of that at low speed regarding all the issues already happened… No faults here, I pull full trigger most time, accelerate braking etc Just made a short record ride at lunch break, this is with the new setup : 20A Motor Max -20A Motor min 30 Amps Batt Max -15A Batt min 10s bldc sensoreless (little dual 5065 140kv) old setup : will do a longuer ride tonight, and at the end pushing a bit more. :v:

Edit: looking to the end of the new test (1st metr window) got the same reccord has when I got faults Over Intensity when braking hard in long downhill … Now I go more easy on the brake but it -35A motor current and just after that +56A !? And Im downhill trying to stop me front of home so Im not re-accelerating here …

Plus I can see 56.4 max motor current with a setup at +20A/motor for motor max, ?

I have found that 30 motor amps and 50 battery amps is the magic spot. speed, torque…all is reasonably responsive. I wouldn’t put these in a racing board, but for an inexpensive mid-range VESC these are the way to go.