POLL: UNiK 35° RISERS ... who wants them?!

Note: This is not a group buy.

I’ve been trying to get a hold of a pair of Unik’s custom CNC milled aluminium 35° risers (to fit 35° trampa trucks on a topmount like the Jet Spud). They’re featured on @okp’s classic shortboard with offroad Trampa wheels which you can see on youtube :star_struck:. You can’t see the risers (because they’re on the underside of the board … doh!) but they’re there.

Here’s what they look like from a picture uploaded by @longhairedboy (in the flesh colour circle … oooh, flesh colouring! :+1:):

Here’s the problem with the risers … they’re expensive :grimacing: to manufacture. I contacted @okp and he mentioned that he needs a minimium of 10 pieces (5 pairs) but probably closer to 20 pieces (10 pairs) to make a production run worth while. I’m trying to raise interest to see if we can get 20 pieces (10 pairs). You should know I’m not making the risers, and I’m not affilliated with UNiK. I just want a pair of risers myself, and this is likely to be my best option.

Note: This is not a group buy.

The last time this topic was discussed the quoted prices were …

1 riser : 125€ HT / 150$ HT => 250€ / 300$ for a dual

Shipping : FR : 9€ / US / AUS: 22€ UE : 15€

I’m going to assume that these prices are still the same but you should treat these numbers as indicative rather than final numbers. If you’ve read this far, and you’d interested :thinking: in getting UNiK 35° risers then here’s a google spreadsheet where you an register your interest. Once we have 10+ pieces (5+ pairs) I’ll pass all the information over to @okp and let him deal with directly with the individuals regarding payment and shipping.

Oh, and did I mention this is not a group buy?! :grinning:

edit: added emoji because emoji!

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he’s just trying to get people interested. @okp will handle all the funds, shipping, etc

There’s been a whole backchannel discussion around this topic … and it’s become clear that the words “Group Buy” mean something quick specific on this forum. From memory, the need to be Level 3 (before being able to create a group buy) was introduced after @alextech acted like a douche … another runner in the night. A bunch of people got burnt and the rule was introduced.

On this forum (and only on this forum), the term “Group Buy” seems to involve (1) taking payment (2) purchasing the product, and (3) distributing the product.

This post is none of these things.

This post is to see if there is sufficient interest to help justify a production run with @okp. If I can’t raise sufficient interest for 5-10 pairs of the risers (which are really cool, btw; you should check them out) then this whole tread is moot. Having said all that, this controversy is really great for raising the visibility, so thanks for that! :grinning: :+1:

Let me point out a few specific points:

  1. I’m not asking (nor will I be taking) anyones money. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy diving into a bath of crisp $100 bills as much as the next guy, but that’s just not the intent here.
  2. I’m not building the product. @okp is much better at that than I am, and I’m happy to let the master have all the glory.
  3. I’m not sending nothing to nobody … unless you want a picture of my dog. You can have that for free. He’s a really cute dog.

Dog pics please…


This is Pookie. He’s an older (13 yo) Italian Greyhound who likes taking a nap on the couch with his favourite cozy blanket, roast chicken and fine cheese … especially Brie.


Ahhhhhh sighthounds. The best kind. Here’s Coop. He’s 6, and more of a gorgonzola fan.

I’ll let you get back to your thread…


i don’t have a dog. I’d probably just kill it if it started yapping.

i hate yapping.

This is not a group buy.

But it IS going to take a good 20 sets of these to get the run worth while, because they are ridiculous. The batch of 5 sets i bought was expensive as shit and i only needed one set for one build. I had the sell the rest and at the time there wasn’t a whole lot of demand for them.

based on the ridiculousness of angled risers, i expect baseplates to be equally ridiculous.


hehe what are the baseplates you are talking about bro?

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The ones i’m dreaming about right now in my head. :slight_smile:


are you talking about the ones I just saved as STL? ahah



i still need to get you some numbers in milimeters. CNY is over, and the flow of cash is about to come back with the return of the people to the republic of shenzen. That means my ridiculous demands will be backed with cash soon.


A bit late but i’d get a pair!

Broke as I may, I am also interested. If we can get this rolling maybe I can shift things around my end too.

Hey, I can run a new batch if we manage to get 20pcs. Let me know guys !


20pcs … wow! We have a total of 4 people (8 pcs) listed on the spreadsheet … maybe 5 people (10 pcs) if @Linny signs up.

yeah, these are milled up from aluminium blocks with lots of details so the cost.

I understand. I’m not questioning the cost, and I know you have to make it worth your while. I’m more than happy to support that. :+1:

I’m just suprised there isn’t more interest. As soon as I saw them, I wanted a pair (of risers) so the slow progress is killing me! :grin:

May i have the link to the spreadsheet?

Sure, here it is: UNiK 35° RISERS Group Buy - Google Sheets

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