Poll: What trucks are you using?

As the title suggests, it would be good to get an idea of what trucks are being used and in what capacity for future development. You can choose multiple options. If anything is missing let me know.

  • Caliber II
  • TB 218
  • Trampa
  • Evolve
  • Paris
  • Ronin
  • Surf Rodz
  • Misc Clone truck
  • N/A Hub motors/Carvon

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Voted tb/caliber but I’m buying surfrodz for my next big purchase.

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Voted Caliber ll but I’m building my own ones for the next board :zap:

TB are my fav right now but just bought some front evolve double kingys for a hub motor build

This is where I am too. Now that @marcmt88 and @psychotiller have given us reliable mounts it seems like a no brainer

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I feel like this needs a much bigger sample size, the amount of people using 218’s on here is staggering just from seeing build threads and comments. Get voting please lady* and gents

Ain’t nobody use Gunmetal V2 trucks here?

randals v1

No MBS trucks?

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where is the option for “diy steel over kill monster shin crushers” ?

I need an option for Other because I run in that category now.

There was going to be an option called “I’m @fliess” but I refrained

haha, yes, how could you ignore? :smile: Seriously, I just cloned a hanger from https://atlastruckco.com and left baseplate untouched.

You certainly made it look easy, I suspect that was just a ruse though :wink:

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Pushing this up for new voters. :point_up:

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Carvon and Some random front truck from an old longboard. Seems fairly good.

modified my vote to include Surfrodz :yum:

Sometimes I’m really surprised there’s not more people using surfrodz trucks. But then I realized there’s only like two people on this site making anything that will fit them. It’s surprising to me how many builds there are in the +$1400 range on $30 cast trucks…

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Availability is also an issue outside of the US. Compounded by the wait on mounts.

I’m in the UK so any surfrodz purchase plus mounts will cost me £80 in import duties and postage minimum - on top of the price of the trucks. I want to use them on this new hummie deck. Holding out for @Kug3lis precision trucks

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Thats probably why there isn’t enough interest to get them @kug3lis custom trucks for SR Base plates :disappointed_relieved:

I might end up having to grab a Tb218 truck for the rear if that won’t be pushing through. Shipping to Asia is pricey at $40 for the trucks. Difficult to swallow for a single order :neutral_face: