POST YOUR BUILD! New site for sharing builds!

Sorry, but your not really on topic, since this tread is dedicated to a Esk8 Directory…

But, this link should help you I Hope.

Hi! Could you add these 2 ‘‘features’’:

Enable ‘‘longer stream of builds’’ per page.

Also, perhaps it could be made, that pictures are a bit smaller, since each build takes a lot of space… (though this is personal taste and perhaps with many more boards per page, it will look just great - more details to see)

Besides - dont you plan to somehow make a traffic to your page? I believe not that many ppl know about your little esk8 database yet :slight_smile:

Anyways, nice work, as always… really glad you made something like this possible in such short amount of time :slight_smile:

One more ‘‘issue’’ / thing I found interesting:

Is it possible to disable the function to open a new page when the ‘‘LIKE’’ button is clicked on? I just noticed that each time you click ‘‘Like’’ the browser opens that current board I ‘‘Liked’’… Perhaps it could be another button/icon next to the ‘‘LIKE’’ button, which simbolises ‘‘eye’’ - to understand that the button will open that current build…

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as always thanks for your feeback! i will make those changes very soon :slight_smile:

i tried to make some noise on reddit and endless-sphere without success.

ah crap that it did not work out straight away… I hope we come up with something that will fix this…

If there is a viral eboard video, might add the boards description and the link to your site…

Im also still learning how this ‘‘user attraction’’ on the internet works… sometimes the things are just way too slow lol

There has to be some sort of reward or benefit in visiting your site and posting the info there…Im just not sure yet what it might be though…Otherwise… im not sure how else can you drive traffic to your page…

So far it looks quite ok to me and it seems like you can handle a few fixes / improvements to the page, if they are needed, in a timely manner :slight_smile: So I think it should not be the cause… that the page is not enough finished yet or something… not to post the info there :slight_smile:

I actually thought that the best way would be to ‘‘fill it automatically’’… but this internet/coding stuff is a bit too hard for me… and im not sure how will you take some or most of the ‘‘forum builds’’ and then ‘‘output’’ them to your database…

If you could somehow come up with an ‘‘algorithm’’ that can read a webpage, search for keywords and then copy that relevant info, then it would be quite nice… :smiley:

Then another user would re-edit what the program gathered and publish it as build :slight_smile:

Sorry for my imagination… but that’'s just the scenario I can imagine how to improve the manual work of entering info there… especially if the info is not inserted by the builder itself but by a 3rd person

So if nothing like this exists yet / already it is probably not worth it to code it… same old manual labor would suffice to fill it up by 10-20 builds this way… ppl just have to agree that such a person ‘‘collects their build info’’ then shows it to the builder (the compiled version) and then publishes on your site!

This is actually a good resource to look at how handy is to see the different board pictures… this way it is very easy to quickly distinguish what is interesting and look-taking worthy…:


So, in comparison, I think your page rocks! I even had to spend about 20seconds or more to find where the ‘‘customer builds’’ section is located… (ended up searching for it, since I knew it existed)

One comment - im not sure how they ‘‘make’’ the ppl to post the info there, but so far it looks like they have succeeded quite ok… I dont know do they offer a discount or what but for some reason there are reasonably big assortment of boards, if you ask me :slight_smile:

@Okami I have made all the changes and looks great, so thank you :slight_smile:

the idea of reading a web to import builds automatically is not bad, but it’s hard to implement it because there is not a “standard” way to publish/read a esk8 build.

i wrote to some users here to publish their builds and some did it but i feel a little bit spammy, maybe the best way to get content right now is to ask people for permission to publish their builds and do it by myself…

so if someone wants to share their esk8 build (photo and parts) i will appreciate it !

It looks quite nice. I have some ideas:

  • Would be nice if the user could upload more than one picture
  • add a delete button
  • make a popup for the pciture instead of showing the raw picture

keep up the good work :thumbsup:

EDIT: I just checked many builds and none had multiple pictures. now i see that you already have it. so forget idea 1 :smiley:

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@DeathCookies It’s a good idea to upload multiple images, i’ve a collage photo in my trampa board :stuck_out_tongue:

thank you for all the ideas!

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Ok checked the results… i noticed that the penny board’s picture looks quite ok! you can see all of the board… but the rest of the boards is barely visible… this somewhat limits the use of the picture…

I think (if it is still possible) it was best to keep the previous picture size but just improve the count of builds per one page…

sorry for that but I feared it might happen if the picture size is reduced… so yes, previous size was okay, as it allowed to see boards in great detaill… now it is hard to do that for all the builds… I wont be able to suggest what size to keep/make, so just perhaps stick with the big pictures and once there will be a lot of builds it will be up to the users to look through all of them :slight_smile:

Hey I got a better idea - why dont you do how ‘‘deathcookies’’ said - create a ‘‘pop up’’ picture… which is a ‘‘thumbpreview’’ for the big picture… Do you think you can do this?

This way we will keep board count per one picture… but if people will want to take a better picture, they will be able to just ‘‘hover’’ their mouse over, to see the picture! Without opening the link!

Take a look… some pictures are ‘‘cut down in size’’… and you dont get to see enough of the board! and that penny board I think are the only ones who get ‘‘good exposure’’ (+duffmans 4wd board)… Yours too maybe, as its battery box’s picture is quite in the center !

@Okami something like this? I did the change, thanks

Not at pc atm, but should be good.will report later how it looks


We need more boards there… since this is a winter period for some of us… perhaps some time can be spent to post your build there, it is very ‘‘easy to go through’’ the build, once you finish adding parts for your build!

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hah ok last call for this, maybe someone does find this interesting and add some more builds…

The page is very nice, too bad it takes too much time (I assume) to dial in the info and upload the pic :smiley:


Hey, hi once again @tueboard

Is it possible to change profile picture for existing builds? I found how to edit stats but not how to replace the existing picture… otherwise i find it troublesome to create a new build and enter every data once again, if only the looks are different :\

Also… some more options to view the boards in main view would be nice… is it possible to include a button to switch between ‘layout’ of how the board pictures look?

To be honest… still sad the page hasnt caught on… I found one guy who made a really nice tut on how he made his… that im sad to see not more builds have been collected on your awesome website…

Cheers, Okami

I’ts not allowing me to upload jpg files, says it’s not an image :frowning:

What size your pic has? Cant think of any other.reason want to work :confused:

Ps your build there will look very nice, the more (especially different) boards there are to be seen, the better :slight_smile:

Yeah they’re pretty huge files… is that what it is then? Need to reduce the file size?

It might be. Unless u try im not sure. Though some builds had bigger pics, so.not sure how large are yours. Otherwise lets wait for @tueboard to step in

I was that… :thumbsup:

@okami good idea, i’ve to allow to upload a gallery of a build and let choose one photo as the main thumbnail, delete, etc…

about changing the layout, are you talking about doing something like

some ideas in my head:

  • filters (eboard type street - mountainboard, price range)
  • allow to put a name
  • also i want to add builds from this forum and then i can put a button “claim my eboard” to allow people to get permissions of their eboards to change the settings…

@darkkevind yes, thats a bug, thanks to notify it and BTW cool eboard :slight_smile: