Power Switch with USB for charging

Does anyone know where I can find a power switch for a 12s1p battery pack with a female USB port for charging stuff? I’ve seen this on battery packs. Is the USB a feature on the BMS or is it something I can add in line with a power switch?

Hmm. I havnt seen anyone do this recently on the forum. I could suppose you could use a UBEC… I may have a fuzzy feeling @longhairedboy knows himself of knows someone who knows.

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i oredered those 2 parts for my next 10S battery PART1 & PART2 from aliexpress hope it works but i’m confident


I see only 6s chargers: http://www.aliexpress.com/wholesale?catId=0&initiative_id=AS_20160803220405&SearchText=lipo+phone+charger

therefore is my 2nd part, a step down module

That looks really promising. Use part 2 to step down voltage, and the USB charges up to 2.1 amps (long term vs 3a rating)?

Alternatively a cheap HK ubec would work, but still be more $.

let us know how it goes! I might do similar and get a spare or two w/ an easy to swap connector… at these prices it’s easy enough to have one in the box for just in case!

This looks interesting! Please update us on your progress.

Just got it but haven’t installed it yet


Connect this to anything that needs 12v

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Will the 3A output be enough to power like 2 meter of the high density rgb 5050 led strips at its max brightness?

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I’ll report back how it works, however that could take a good amount of time, cause parts arrive from china slowly 1-2months, and it’s just for my 2nd board. So i’m not in hurry to finish this :slight_smile:

Don’t know about your leds, maybe link them and tell us how many leds one meter has^^ for sure it is enough to charge my remote or phone and thats all i want.

I got a 5a buck module that’s sealed in plastic package with mounting holes. Should work fine. You can add another small bag or voltage regulator like the super mini 3a version you can for about $1 and use this to get down to 5v. Solder a usb port or 2and your set.

Those rgb strips use about 1a/meter, but that will be crazy bright on the bottom of a board. I’m going to use about 50cm on my board and that seem like plenty. The rest of the power goes to a pair of 3w leds with lens.

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What voltage regulator do I need for this? I’m running a 12s1p

Humm :thinking:


:point_up_2:t2:some of my builds

i actually used my lab power supply to test the full roll (15’) of 5050 single color LEDs and it was around 1.8A max. So you should be fine with only 6ft/2m!

I can grab my 5050 rgb’s and test as well, but i’m positive you are fine w/ 3a.



I got a dual output UBEC that is great for hooking up LEDs and/or USB chargers! Outputs at 5-6v at up to 12amps

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Nice! One thing to note, most of the 5050 LED’s are 12v not 5-6v so just make sure you get the right ones for a UBEC to power like @Oriol360 linked. You can find the lower voltage LEDs which take ~6v, but confirm or go 12v to power them.

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Safety alert - not all buck converters use authentic components. This is more of an issue at higher voltages, but beware that some may overheat and or catch fire. If your LEDs flicker of fade weirdly. The buck converter is failing to provide a smooth current. You should disengage it asap.

Look for YouTube reviews for an up to date list of authentic buck converters.


Do ubhave the link for such video?

Watch this video to get started: (https://youtu.be/JLwJb4MVbls)

Then watch reviews on Onstates LED Lighting’s channel.

Have fun :-))))

And to back up what @anon94428844 shared…

Always test the converter before you hard wire it in…

I had the same experience with a similar converter…These do come from China after all

So use a voltage meter!