Powerful hub or direct drive for a diy build?

I want to convert my longboard to electric on a moderate budget, but motor mounts and hardware add a lot to the cost. Are there any hub motor or direct drive options with good torque I could run on 10s or 12s? Raptor 2.1 hubs and carvon direct drive systems only seem to be sold with boards, anyone know where to get those or similar as standalone products?

I think enertion will sell some raptor hubs on black friday :smile:

There is no way to have great hubs or direct drive on budget.


What is your budget for the drive train excluding ESC, battery, deck, enclosure?

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I highly recommend hummie hubs, he might be sold out but ask @Hummie. They are going to run you $500 but for that price you are getting some abec 11 centraxes. They are really nice to ride and I personally dont miss having full thane like on belt drive setups. They also on 12s go 30+ mph and accelerate faster than raptor hubs. They are definitely worth the cost in my opinion.


Another option is to build your own hubs/ direct drive. You will need to be able to have access to a lathe though for adding a bearing to one side. The rest should be able to be done with basic tools and maybe a drill press. It will obviously take more time and require a lot more work but can be done for much cheaper and a great fun project for a diy enthusiast. BTW I’m in high school still so that gives a rough idea of my skills, I’m no engineer or anything like that I just like to tinker with shit and now esk8s


I got these hub motors (the non replacable): http://www.diyeboard.com/replaceable-pu-dual-hub-motor-9055mm-500w2-power-truck-kit-p-671.html I have ridden like 1000km if not more on these and they only have some wear on the sides of the rubber. I’m sure these rubber pu sleeves can do like 2000km until you need to swap them.

I run them with the ownboard esc so that’s only 20A (10A each motor). I red they could handle max 25A for each motor with no problems. It would be awesome to use a dual vesc for these hubmotors. I’m sure a 12S battery and a flipsky dual vesc would give great performance with these hubs.


I have the same one from diyeboard and I have use them at 10s for months. Now one month at 12s, 50A per motor and they are fun :grin:


That would be sweeeeet, raptor hubs will probably cost a fortune though.

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Running meepo hubs on 10s2p 20700bs, dual focboxes, landyatchz dingy. and its a beast for its size


Just talked to hummie and his hubs will be on the top of my list for my build. Where did you get the $500 figure from?

I paid 475 because I picked them up. Why?

Maytech 90mm black hubs are very high quality. I love mine. I spent 500 on two hubs, two vescs, and both trucks and front wheels

Steelhubs.com said there was an option for $270 that is aluminium and hummie said his new hubs would be around the same price. Did you get steel?

Sorry I meant same price as 500$. That’s old small cheap stuff on the old site

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Ah. Sorry man that’s out of my range.

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Is there a guide on how to do this?

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I have seeen this. Are there any other guides. Just curious

There will be soon XD

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