Predator Banshee Thread!

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Hey guys! I’ve been on here for a while, but I want to show off what I’ve been working on for the past few weeks. Here are some crappy photos.

This is the Predator Boards Banshee, a 12.5lbs Carbon Fiber electric cruiser with a top speed of 25mph and a range of 12-16 miles. Thanks to the unibody construction, this board is completely weather sealed, so rain won’t fuck over the electronics. Looking forward to you guys’s thoughts.

Here is our corresponding Reddit Post:


Dude, that board looks sick!


Thanks! Happy to answer any questions or concerns. I want this to be more of a discussion rather than a show-and-tell.

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Nice looking board, so how good is it for going up hills…

Looks pretty slick! What kind of hubs are those? Battery cells/configuration? Are you using the dual ESC or dual VESC based hardware?

Sick looking board, very discrete yet agressive. Can you tell more about the insides ? Show us videos of it running !

looks like my DIY HALO board . It’s my light and stealth board. I like how urs is shorter though.

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So the motors themselves are waterproof 83mm swappable urethane hub motors. The battery is a 10S2P Samsung 30Q battery pack. At a nominal voltage of 37V, that gives it a capacity of 222 watt hours. The battery pack can discharge at a rate of 1400W-1600W continuous. No exaggeration, no burst.

Here is a prototype battery.


@Touch415 Oh damn, I’m an idiot. So from personal testing (I don’t trust jack shit from my manufacturer’s representative) I found the board can climb 15-20% inclines with a 150lbs load. With Chinese batteries, forget about it. With the Samsung 30Qs, it’s doable. I’m hesitant to rip open my current prototype until we get some photo ops, but here are the insides of the first prototype with the Chinese batteries.


We are using a dual ESC. Perhaps we can do VESCs in the future (I damn hope) but right now we have to run with the stock ESC that the manufacturer has. Although I’m fighting tooth and nail for revisions, that’s the one part they won’t budge on :neutral_face:

Which dual ESC is that? Is that the maytech or the FVT that they keep harassing me to try? IT looks like an Evolve ESC, they’re all starting to blend together in my head.

So I want to be as transparent as possible and say upfront we are using Winboard as our current manufacturer. The ESC they are using is similar, but definitely exclusive to them. If I had to guess why they are resistant to changing, it’s because they need to move their inventory. Pisses me off, but we need sales to get them to make changes.

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hummm how can you say the pack will discharge at 1600watts with 10s2p and 30Q? Even if you assume the better discharge rate of 20amps a cell with those…thats 40 amps times 37 volts and 740 watts max.

40a x 37V gives you 1480W. Hence why I said the projected discharge is somewhere around 1400W-1600W

aha my mistake. multiplied by 20 not 40

1’400-1’600w Continuous? I know vapers say that the 30Q is actually a “20A Battery” but won’t it be better to use manufacturer’s specifications of 15A constant instead? Still, that’s 1’110w which isn’t that bad :stuck_out_tongue:

Although on a technical standpoint that is what Samsung rates their 30Q, I trust Mooch and his testing equipment. That and also the 30Q is the DIY choice for 18650s for a reason. Good to see ya here Armin :wink:


its pretty much the perfect cell right now.

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speaking of perfect cells…and looking again and again…the 30Q is badass and as good as the 20700a total energy at 15a discharge …if not even a bit better

ok i’m done


Just want to add, just created an Instagram Handle: @Predator_EBoards

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