Price friendly 10s bms

Oh that’s just the switch I have I can post photos if u want

Not you @willpark16, I was referring to @WawiKirsinger

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What is a “typo”?

Yeah! Plz post pic! Thanks!

@WawiKirsinger incorrectly spelled word

Jajajajajjaa ah ok i understand now xD is because my english is not very good i’m from chile (spanish language)

Your English is fine, you have clumsy fingers :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

That too! LOL :joy:

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Thanks dude i think i will do the same as you so its more stealth

I’ve got extra if u send me ur adress I’ll send u one


Im from chile so i think is not going to be very cheap :sweat_smile: Jajajajaja dont worry… thanks anyway but i found this

Very cheap and free shiping


Haha that works too

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Any on/off switch will work to activate the electronic switch that is built into the bms. Just connect the 2 white wires coming from the bms If you use a light up switch you will have to supply voltage for the light from another source because the bms does not supply 5v for the light. If you use one of those light up switches, disregard the instruction that come with it. You will have to figure out with a multimeter how to connect the wires.

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Brings tears to my eyes how nice people are on this site…

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I would recommend this switch because they are more robust, they have a very convenient quick connector and they are only 16mm dia. So they’re easirer to fit on the edge of your enclosure. And they come in a variety of colors.


I like these cheap and well I think it’s cool to start ur board with a key.

lo. Just get a XT90 key.

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can you use this…does the 12V only mean anything. I’m looking for a replacement switch for my Unity.

I really can’t advise on a replacement switch for the Unity. I’m not at all familiar with that unit.

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