Problems with vesc

well when i downloaded the program i only got one file.Skjermbilde%205

Look just connect your vesc Open the vesc tool Go to firmware Choose 410 411 412 Push the upload firmware button And hope that your vesc after change to the right firmware. You now have the firmware which fit to hw 48 but that’s not the right you need

Ok i have overseen one pic… So it’s normal that you get this firmware too old message If you click ok you can upload the firmware? Or you just see the 48 version after?

when i click ‘‘ok’’ The firmware choices dissapear

Look through this thread

I didn’t read through all of it but I think you have the same problem. More down there should be a description how you can fix it. Could be that you need a st-link to get you back to the right firmware

Looks like i would need a st-link to fix it which seems taunting

Yes but that’s how it is. I think this st-links not so expensive. You could also ask here, maybe somebody will borrow or sell you one used.

Yeah you need a st-link to fix that.

also do not plug it in or it will blow your fuses.

Yeah, i’ll probobly send to someone.

How do you know when fuses have been blown?

The battery will not let you start the motor.

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Then some fuses are probably blown, You see the first thing i did after i thought i had updated the vesc with the right firmware was to plug it in and try to start it. I think i am just going to sell it to someone who has the experience and then just buy a new one.

oh the fuses aren’t on the vesc they are there to protect your battery usually in a black container made of plastic attached to the red or black wire.

I have a tb vesc.

So the three round almost battery shaped things. Sry for the horrific explanation

Wait can I just see a pic of your setup? It would make it easier to explain. Make sure to show your batteries too.


looks like that you need to pull out whats inside and check if the metal is still fully attached sorta like a light bulb.


This is my setup

The battery turns on and the built in USB port still works which Leeds me to believe that the battery is intact