Proton- Digital Instrument and Control Panel Touch Screen

Hey guys,

Our Vesc powered electric skateboards are very powerful, with a lot of functionalities under the hood. What we were missing is way to take full control of these features at a finger tip, without the need of carrying and accessing extra hardware like smartphones.

Just like cars have instrument cluster, electric skateboards can have one too.

Introducing Proton Panel - a digital instrument and control panel that turns your ordinary skateboard into an advanced piece of machinery. ( as seen on

Proton Panel is standalone, with a new custom hardware and software design, only requires one connection to the Vesc.

Some of the key features:

  • Touch screen - 240x320 2.8"
  • Real time telemetry right at your sight all the time ( Speedometer, battery voltage, temperature, traveled distance…)
  • Built in USB charger
  • Menu with different settings and options to adapt to your own configuration.
  • Dual UART port for dual Vesc support
  • Firmware updates through built-in micro USB, always up to date with latest Vesc changes.
  • Built in LEDs driver with touch color picker, effects, front and back lights
  • Easy to access and configurable riding preset modes.
  • Benchmark mode
  • Configurable sound alerts for low voltage, power on, …
  • Miles/Km units
  • Ultra fast refresh rate
  • Does not require the Photon remote or receiver, works with any standard remote

Current Status:

I have been working on this project for the past few months, I have built and tested prototype units with great success. Right now I finished most of the hardware design, still adding and improving on the software, if you want a feature added or have any suggestion please let me know.

Price and release date: Since this is still a work in progress, I don’t have a price set yet. I’m going to have the PCBs fabricated and assembled by a manufacturer to reduce the production time, handle large quantities, and offer the best hardware quality. I have a PCB manufacturer ready and they will quote me a production price once I get the design finalized. I estimate this project to be ready in about 1.5 months from now.

Thank you for reading through, I hope this can be useful for the community!


Well… this is interesting. Telemetry for those of us who don’t like thumb controls as much :wink:

Does is store total mileage? If so how is it doing that?

@brenternet Yes it stores total mileage, and it can be reset anytime from the menu. It is stored in the MCU flash, stays saved even after power cycle.

What display are you going to use? Is it good enough in sunlight and weird viewing angles


Very useful. What is the overall size of the enclosure/case and is this the design you’ve settled on?

@moon I’m using the widely available 2.8" 240x320 Tft display, the touch screen actually helps reducing glare. It is pretty bright. Almost all 2.8" displays share the same screen, just re-branded. The display is clearly visible when viewed from above or normal standing position. @brenternet The enclosure dimensions are about 90 mm x 66 mm x 12 mm, just enough to hold the hardware in. There might be minor changes, but nothing major.


That looks really cool but flipping the deck upside down on the ground on purpose or by accident looks like it can damage or scratch the screen. I often put my boards in strange position at home or in the car.

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Screen will actually be more protected than on the rendering photos, it stays under the frame slightly with enough bezel to prevent direct contact.


Following, this is an awesome idea and the larger screen should be nice and easy to see on the front truck


Cool project. You could also add an integrated raised foot stop/screen protector to the front of the frame/bezel. Keep the screen from getting stepped on too.

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As crazy as it sounds, I have actually rode my board in a very rough environment without doing a single damage to the device. I dropped my board several times as well, no issues. The design is very simple and rigid. Think about how complicated your VESC electronics are, yet they still survive.

I was actually going to suggest using a metal base plate, with threaded bumpers that stick up 1/2" or so on the four corners of the screen. So it can’t get smashed when I run into a bridge and flip my board over trying to do an electric Casper slide. Haha


I actually like this, no need for voltage display on the enclosure. Could call for larger battery configs in small enclosures perhaps.

Edit: Any idea of an ETA? and will this be connected to the ppm port? if so what about users using split ppm who happen to be using both ports for monitoring. the data registered would only show for one vesc if not by canbus right? @Wajdi

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@Mobutusan @Deckoz Cool ideas :smiley: There are several ways one can customize this.


He had mentioned 1.5 months.

But it will be a uart device like Bluetooth to aquire vesc telemetry packets. Ppm still functional.


excitement had me skipping over. Thanks @Deckoz and @Wajdi. I meant UART. for split ppm we only get telemetry per vesc, well at least with ios apps we don’t get the “double values” option. This would read telemetry for only one vesc, meaning two for one board. which is ridunculous.

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@Wajdi Would there be a chance now that this has been created for collecting telemetry that you would consider building a simple, ergonomic, no need for modding, reliable, preferably trigger based, molded remote to go with it? You clearly have the skills and I think it’s clear the market is there.

Do your bank balance a favor and put some time into a project like this, for the love of eskate!


@Ebisane9 Dual vesc setup is supported. The monitor does in fact have two UART ports, to connect to both vescs at the same time. @brenternet Thanks for the suggestion, I will try :smile:


Ouff, Thinking this could work with the Jet Spud… very tempting. Is there any kind of hardware device that would allow two devices to be plugged into the VESC’s UART? or maybe the ability to connect via Bluetooth? (hint hint METR application support)

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No screens, no bells or whistles! Just make it look good and work!