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Psychotiller Mount Loose

I’ve tried new set screws, every orientation possible, and locktite, but for some reason my Psychotiller mount will not stay in position. It consistently loosens and then ends up causing the pulley to shred the inside of the wheel. At this point I might as well just drill straight into the trucks and screw the mount all the way into it. Does anyone have any experience with this issue or know a fix?

Have you used red loctite?

I’ve tried both red and blue.

263? Because that stuff is not supposed to come loose at all

263 and 242 are what I’ve tried. Its weird because it doesn’t even seem like the set screws back off at all. I go to retighten them and theres no room to tighten them further. The mount just slides down the truck towards the wheel.

What truck is it that you are using?

Caliber 2’s. In the gold color if that changes anything.

I believe there was an issue with manufacturing. contact @psychotiller

Yeah it’s a shim or use shrink tubing to fill the gap but def check with @psychotiller …there are some mentions of this in other threads…not his fault…caliber buffs by hand so tolerance is diffrent from truck to truck…some dude wanted to make your truck extra smooth lol

So just some shrink tube inside the clamp portion? Should I put it under the set screws too or let those still go straight to the truck?

Try shrink tube! Ditto!

Anyplace the mount touches the truck … Let’s see if that works :+1:t2:

Tried the shrink tube. No dice. :frowning:

I have Caliber II cast trucks with TB’s mount and I took a piece of ½" shrink tube ½" long and cut it so it makes an L. then wrapped it around the truck hanger under the mount so its touching 2 inside surfaces of the mount and that makes them tighten down so solid that they feel like there welded on. I believe Tiller’s mounts are very similar so it should work the same. But you mentioned set screws so I don’t know. TB’s is a one piece clamp with one bolt to tighten it.

Doh! It’s the shimmy shimmy shake then…unless you add more shrink tubing

Contact psychotiller and he will probably send you a shim. I had the same issue. Like Michaelinvegas stated, it has to do with truck diameter variations. My solution was to weld it.

I first tried shrink tube on just one surface and that didn’t do it. When I put it on 2 surfaces it made a world of difference.

Shoot me your address and I’ll send you the shim. It’s solid.

Welded failed too…

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damn why’d it break?