Pulleys out of stock

Hello fellow e-skaters, my name is Luis and I’m based in Los Angeles, CA. Im selling 15mm pulleys which are great when you need the most torque transfer. I purchased these pulleys in bulk to sell at a reasonable price to the community. I had to buys lots of pulleys to meet MOQ. I don’t plan to make profit on this, but I’m selling at this price to hopefully recoup my money. If I get close to breaking even I plan to sell at even lower price.

The motor pulley is 15mm ht5 15t steel pulley with 8mm bore and 3mm keyway. It comes with two set screws and 3mm key included for each pulley.

The wheel pulley is 40t for abec 11 flywheels and MBS all terrain 100mm wheels. Construction isaluminum with m5 threads that allow the six screws to install perfectly in the flywheel core which makes installation a breeze and has good allignment everytime.

REDUCED Prices are: $10 for steel 15t 15mm motor pulley $13 for 40t abec flywheel pulley $20 for both pulleys $3-6 shipping in the US!

My PayPal email is: [email protected]

Everything ready to ship. If you have any questions feel free to message me.


Nice, will need to consider those 40T wheel pulleys looks great.

Also, this is for a summer build with CRonins. What did you use for mounts in your pics? I need to figure out an option that works there, but don’t have skillz to DIY mount.


And they spin great to. I’ll upload video soon

For mounts I used the @whitepony method of using epoxy. I like this method so much I’m working on a mini with 150mm Ronin’s with steel tube this time. It’s pretty simple and allignment is better than it was on caliber trucks originally. PM if you need more details.

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looks really perfectly aligned :smiley: :ok_hand: great motor pulleys, wish you were in europe!

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Yes alignment with your motor mount method is so good I’m surprised more people arent doing it, it’s so simple. Speaking of alignment here’s video of wheel pulley spinning https://youtu.be/zF24CNMwmGE

Changed pricing to be more international friendly. If you want to order a couple of pulleys for yourself or a group buy I can go lower in price.

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Any chance for 9mm ones?

Only 15mm at this time although wheel pulley can accept 9mm,12mm, and 15mm belts

shipping will probably kill it, but maybe there is a cheap letter option to europe?


Great, I think I will give 2x15T and 2x40T a shot. Where are you shipping from, delivery to NYC? Thanks!

@whitepony I need to go to post office to confirm but I see $12.60 option for first class international and motor pulleys are small so I can fit many.

@caustin I’m in Los Angeles, CA. Motor pulleys are ready to ship but I will get the screws for wheel pulleys hopefully next week.

HTD ?, 8mm bore ? ,.how many mm keyway width?


Htd 5m steel pulley, 8mm bore, 3mm keyway

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I think I’ll take a couple pulleys. Would you mind checking on postage to Melbourne Australia?

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I just checked for someone intrested in Australia it was about $13. Maybe it would cheaper if I can ship to one person and they ship to the second like a mini group buy.

Everything ready to ship

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I’m interested. However I’d like to fit them in MBS 100mm wheel, they are a little bit different than the ABEC 11.

Do you know if they’ll fit?

If, so I’ll but two sets of 15/40T with keyways and bolts, let me know if you will ship to Lima Peru

I got these pulleys but have not tried them with my MBS 100mm. Will take a look when I get back from a trip, but expect they will for well enough for the looks of them when they arrived.

Thank @caustin, a test fit on your side would be awesome. I also got 3D printed pulleys from @idea, they fit perfectly on ABEC 11 flywheels but not on MBS wheels, I had to use ABEC 11 on the back and MBS on the front for now.

Will let you know, but I used 3D printed pulleys from @JuniorPotato93 which were specifically designed for MBS. If you have not tried them, check them out as they worked with the diffferences in ABEC vs MBS wheels.

I’d like aluminum pulleys for longevity, how long have you been using the 3D printed pulleys? for how many kilometers/miles?