Put your Ride Spots on the MAP!

A while ago I made this thread…But it was missing something…a MAP!

So, I was inspired by @DeathCookies global map of our little Esk8Squad…I decided to create this MAP…

I hope you guys help me fill it in with some great ride spots around you or ones that you have been on. Hey…you never know when I’ll end up in your neck of the woods!

Just click on the link…search for the location in the map search bar…locate the place and click +add to map…You can add photos and a little description. I’ll be adding some spots on the map with some photos and descriptions, take a look. I entered a few around Las Vegas.


I really like the idea, because I’m always looking for new spots to ride, but wouldn’t it be better to integrate this as a new layer to the user map? Maybe divided into onroad and offroad spots?


If you end up on the railway… I cannot be blamed lol…

I’m just learning how to use it … so any and all help would be awesome and appreciated :metal:t2:

I really think it’s great when you visit another city…it will at least help you not waste time searching for a cool ride spot

Yes, I do think the same. Just thought it would be easier if you have everything (people & spots) in one map.

That’s sounds messy

I like the idea of combining people and spots in one map. Should be easy to distinguish: people by symbol and the spot by a route (like in these cycling maps, e.g. gpsies ).

Actually there are already some layers in the usermap (can only be seen in full screen mode), which can easily be switched to invisible if things become too messy.

Great idea! I just added two trails in Denmark!

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Thanks @OskarCastrone!!!

Oh other people added…

Thanks guys!!!

Thanks to whoever posted in the Dallas area.

Added a spot in Fort Worth, TX.

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Thanks guys. I added some pictures in my tags …

Checkem out… @mccloed ur in there :wink: Can’t wait to come visit you again :facepunch:t2:

One day I’ll move down … I have 2.5 acres waiting for a house to be put on it in between Austin and San Antonio

Me too! 9 acres outside Fort Worth.


Dirt track at your house man!!!

Wow 45 locations and growing !!

I want to add some Canberra spots but i’ll have to wait till I’m at my computer.

Right on @lowGuido