Pvc heatshrink for 10s4p lion pack in europe?

where can i buy heatshrink to fit a 10s4p lion flatpack in europe? prob 180mm needed


In Germany i buy heatshrinks at Conrad

There are a lots of heatshrinks, scroll down.


Conrad is rheeeaaalllly expensive.

https://goo.gl/N3MSiY German ebay is full of 165mm heat shrink.

is 165mm enough for a 10s4p flatpack? 2 lines 20 cells side by side…

measure it…

taking into account abitta foam in the middle theyr about 14cm wide

There is also high quality 180mm but it is not cheap! Maybe a 10m group buy would make sense.

ya but they only ship to germany dizzy_face: stupid really would opena bigger market the prices are crazy

pi *diameter = circumference of a circle 165 * 3.14 = 518mm You got it from here…

confused how would i use that to know if my pack will fit?

hahahahahahahahahahahaha oh my god he doesnt understand :joy:

nope not a math wiz tbh i hate it lol so any helpfull comments grec or just gunna bully me xD

cool just found mailboxde.com

I didn’t want to have all the fun.

Shrink tube is sold in tubes. It’s measured by the diameter.

We know that 165mm, from a few posts up is 518mm around it. (Circumference)

We know, (because you said so) that your battery is 140mm wide, we can assume, that it’s

140mm wide on the top, and 140mm wide on the bottom. 20mm tall on one side 20mm tall on other side =320mm

Truth be told, I’m not a big maths guy myself.

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ah thanks lol makes sense ill know for the future lol theres also a bms to fit on top the cells which is 15mm in height so thats 350mm in circumference…but is this accurate to fitting a pack as its not a circular shape but more of a rectangle

I shrink the cells separate from the bms

Im ordering soon from aliexpress might have some left overs to giveaway here

dju have the link fot the shrink your getting on aliexpress bud planning buy some from chinna

You can just about shrink a 10s4p pack with 170mm (flat) shrink wrap. 170-190mm is your size range.

I get mind from eBay I think :confused:

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any links cant find bigger than 150mm on ebay?