PWM controlled Brake light controller [Open Source]

Hi, Ok so I have been working on a PWM controlled brake light controller for quite a while now and I think I’m finally able to release everything. The whole project is open source so feel free to build one on your own. Currently, I’m sending a few modules out for beta testing so the design might not be final. Also huge thank you to @janpom (for his patience and help with my code) and @StefanMe (for his help regarding the buck converter). And @linsus for his PCB design input. Thank you all… :slight_smile:
Key functions:

  • 7s-13s
  • uses ws2812b led strips
  • 3d printed risers to mount the LEDs (designed by @mmaner
  • turned on/off using the 3rd channel of your remote
  • cheap (around 8$ in parts per unit)
  • simple setup
  • site: 5x5 cm
  • 5V/3A buck converter on board
  • possible setup: 119 rear LEDs; 47 front LEDs, <-- absolute maximum
  • horn support coming up in the future @b264
  • extension modules coming in the future (USB breakout, horn support and so on…: slight_smile:)
  • programmable/updateable via an FTDI breakout board
  • works with any kind of esc

Pictures: 20190227_183614 Apple for scale :smile:

V1 vs V2 (again Apple for scale) 20190227_183832

Video: (coming up) :slightly_smiling_face:

I might sell a few in the future… Let’s see… :slight_smile: Schematic/PCB: Code (still need to write the instructions): 3D Riser (holds up to 8 LEDs):

If anybody got any suggestions/comments just tell me. :joy: Thanks for reading and I hope there’s some interest in these… :slight_smile:


Looks promising

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So are we using apples now? I thought a banana was the standard. You can’t stop the progress. :smile:


BTW, it looks very cool. Looking forward to the video.


Sounds like a great product! This area needs to be filled

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I couldn’t find any bananas… :slight_smile: :joy: Sorry @moon :frowning:


We should probably add the banana to this list.


Yep. Definitely @Eboosted might have to add that… :slight_smile:

Bear with me a second while I explain my stupidity here.

I was about to ask what the time difference was between v1 and v2 because that was the same apple and it kept well. Then I realized you took the two pictures at the same time andicriedinside.

Looks sweet. @fottaz Alberto has been selling something like this for a while now (not exactly the same of course) but the price was prohibitive for me.


Just out of curiosity :slight_smile: Any interreset in a small group buy? One unit would cost around 13$ +shipping :slight_smile:

  • Yes
  • No
  • I don’t give a flying f*ck :slight_smile:

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Maybe I just dont see it, but where is the Shottkey diode between output and ground?


Also the 100uH coil is wrong if u use the 5V version. 100uH is for the 12V I use on my FeatherReceiver because of the better efficiency factor…

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CH3 - only switched the headlight on and off - the brakelight is something that should be on whenever the board is on. Is this the behavior?

Brakelight - always on at 50% brightness, then when brake is applied full brightness. Is this the behavior?

This is a great start!

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CH3 switches on/off the whole light system. Headlight/brake light

Right now it’s always off until you apply brakes… But I’m working on a new version which will implement exactly that behavior. The advantage of the atmega328p is that you can update it via an FTDI breakout… :slight_smile:


Is good!

And +1 for open source!


I just took this part of the datasheet… :slight_smile:

According to the datasheet not… :slight_smile:

Thanks. I just think it’s fair to publish it. This community is awesome and I think open source is very important to keep the progress going… :slight_smile:


Yeah I want to buy one for testing :slight_smile:


Nice work​:raised_hands::heart: It will be very nice to test it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I want one too :slight_smile: I bought a ws2812b led strip for the Photon remote which I didn’t get in the end so now I have the chance to finally use it in the same way I wanted to before :slight_smile: Thanks Mich :slight_smile:

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You can’t compare :apple: :apple: to :banana: :banana:

What’s next? :watermelon:

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