R2 - Interest Check - €103 - 6.6 VESC EUROPE


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People who filled out the form, but missed out on the first round. Are you still interested?

@lockeboss @Adrianlee @ZmasteR @trelensis @nachette @Blitz @zyb

Includes just the heatsink and not the button. Same thing as Hummie but just for Europe

Includes two payments.

Cost of getting it to me in the UK (includes taxes,shipping). This will be paid in USD to the supplier. So it makes sense for you to send me the USD equivalent in your local currency , this can be done easily on Paypal. Goods and services payment.

Shipping cost (from me to you), paid in GBP… This happens when I am ready to ship

Tracked shipping can vary so please let me know if you need tracked shipping.

Untracked parcels are insured up to £20 for untracked.


Yes yes please

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You filled the form out not long ago :sweat_smile:

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Hahah I know but answer is still yes :joy::joy:

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Ok. We need 10pcs.

And if all those people are interested we are already at 12pcs.

Yeah I’m in, these should hold there value for some time.

Same delio as last time shipping + that thing i did?

Yeah nothing changes

They have stock too

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Awesome can forward you money when you are ready :grimacing:

Yesyesyes im still interested!:grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

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Yes, I’m in too

No, i’m out sorry. I will go for the newly released Dual 6.6 instead. https://flipsky.net/collections/new-accessories/products/dual-fsesc6-6-based-upon-vesc6-with-aluminum-heatsink

@moon Whaaaaat, f$*%, didn’t think you would order a new batch that fast, went on my own. Count me out. Sorry guys.

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Fill this form out (if your are ready to buy)


@Norrmalm @rpasichnyk @FalconNL @banjaxxed @Ishayc @navgor @GunnarK @pootis_owner @sayekim

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@ShawnyP @davewood1982 @sztamas @KY.MIn @BooYA @Giga @Mich21050 @sr_molinero @adrienfeve

@Superflim @mikedv @Riako @Volts @Wentworth

No Interest sorry. I’m still building my first and i already have a focbox

Very very tempting but i’ve bought 2 vescs and 2 focboxes in the meantime , you can remove me from the list too.

got a flipsky vesc already no more intrest… but a pain in the ass to talk with them about my problems with their vesc! not buying it from them again if i need a new one…

Sorry bro … I try 4.2 before ^^