R2 style remote for diy esk8

6aa11615e27fa453c6aa1333ba1b06bHello All,

I just recently recieved a teaser photo of a new remote being developed by FLIPSKY for the esk8 diy community. At this point I don’t have any specs on the unit. Only what’s diagramed. At this time we are interested in diversity in this part of the industry. To satisfy affordability quality and availability we believe having more than one choice when it comes to building yourself. Community what are your thoughts?


Anyone else think each new remote comes looking closer and closer to a gun?

I like it! Looks like evolves remote. Please communicate that this thing needs to be communicated at intersections and heavy interference areas. Looks sweet.

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As the info comes in I will post it. I believe test unit are coming. And yes on all your points.

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Would like to see a channel 3 switch on it. To trigger lights or horn. For me personally the switch for speed modes not necessary, that I can change with my Bluetooth app too.

How it would function if I still on full throttle and full break? Not sure though if it’s good idea to split that trigger.


Good point. I would like to see the ability to customize the buttons. I believe the split throttle/ brake will have similar safeguards as the R2 evolve

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Don’t have any experience with the evolve remote, but if I imagine the remote in my hand pulling the break wheel forward it would push the remote in my fingers which would result in pushing the throttle. In case the breaks will apply with pulling the wheel backwards it should work nicely

Agreed , I would actually like a Programmable Multi-button instead of a speed mode button. Allows us to program it to switch modes , or change lights , etc

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Excellent point on the push down and into throttle finger. I would imagine the throttle to be disabled while braking. My brother has a GTX with the R2 I have a carbon with the R1. So I have no experience with the R2. I will get his input on it. But I’m looking forward to what this tread does for the end result. Flipsky listens. So keep it coming!!!

There is a reason why rc remotes have one trigger for brakes and acceleration.

(don’t ask me what)

Just the one for me please. I tried the r2 and although you can get use to it, most of the time it took me longer to get to braking because I had to move my thumb from resting position to braking position.


Looks pretty sweet but I just love the Boosted Remote Wheel as my throttle and brake. Not sure I could get used to this type of throttling but if you get a sample I’d be down to try it.

Any idea of the cost?


If i could design the trigger than I would go for some kind of ring where I can get my finger through, which makes it easy to push it forward and backwards easily. The break wheel I would remove and place there an push button for a horn (maybe it’s even possible to somehow integrate a small horn, but guess it’s too big thou). I like the dead man switch, one of the things I miss on my gt2b mod.

I used the R2 remote a fair amount. Applying pressure to the break overrides the throttle. In the hand it was comfortable but I wasn’t a fan of the split break and throttle.

It was also extremely unreliable with constant communication drops which lead to what I could only describe as input lag. Going along and trying to break, nothing would happen so you improvise (swerve) and then a few seconds later the breaks come on full from your previous request.

The magnetic trigger also needed calibration on every third or fourth ride, I just got into a habit of calibrating it before every ride, quite a pain in the ass. Uncalibrated the remote would not switch speed modes, break or throttle would not work or work on full with zero arc.

If they can iron out these pretty serious issues and we could look past the split button setup I’d say it’s a good option. If they outright clone evolves remote it’ll be terrible.


I had the R2 evolve remote and i loved It. I Will go straight to the point: I don’t care about the big color screen The shape shouldn’t look like a gun. I live in Europe and that ain’t no problem here but… The battery size should be enough for 3 runs… R2 sucked. No disconnections no dropouts. That’s an absolute MUST. I had no problems with the r2 but i had disconnections with the first stupid remote…and some people had dropouts and therefore terrible accidents. All remotes should be realiable, that’s the most important! Color LCD…fancy shape …fashion features… That’s pure crap if you can’t trust the damn thing. Your life is literally in your hands. Make a reliable thing, easy to pair, good battery, customizable colors or at least not gun looking and i Will prepare my wallet. Go fym otherwise.


Let me start by saying that I live seeing all these new remotes in the last year, including this one. Diversity of choice is key to customers and builders.

I like 80% of this remote. The 20 that don’t includes the safety switch and split throttle and brake.

I think the safety switch is unnecessary and actually creates a safety problem as you HAVE to keep the remote in a specific position and this creates fatigue. The split throttle nad brake… I can’t see any reason to do this, and many reasons not too. The primary reason is having to switch finger position before you can brake which takes time, plus you have to keep the safety switch engaged.

I’ll pass on this remote in the current configuration, but kudos for getting something out there. For now I’ll keep using my benchwheel and Maytech v2s.


Mike have you used the mini 2.4ghz remote? How do you compare it with the bench wheel? Which one is the Maytech V2 remote?

@mmaner The deadman switch on the R2 only needs to be held in at launch, once the board is moving beyond 3mph you can release it. This was primarily put in place to stop people from launching the board into traffic by accidentally pushing the trigger while waiting at the lights and so on. It wasn’t designed to stop the board in the event you fall off. With all that said I still disabled the switch, which could be done from the remote settings menu.

The split trigger and ergonomics will have you resting your thumb and index on the buttons, so no shifting around needed. I got flustered when I was just starting out a few times and forgot wtf my fingers were doing though and randomly braked or tried to brake and accelerated :smile:

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I would like the trigger to be like my Gt2b remote KIS (keep it simple)

I have, it’s not bad but I’m not crazy about the travel. The Maytech be is the remote @psychotiller and @longhairedboy sell.

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Man flipsky is pushing a lot of eskate products Thats good!


This looks pretty good, I used the Evolve R2 remote since I first bought Evolve Bamboo GT. I don’t understand the hate for it. I’ve never had connection issues with it ever. My GT motor controller died (Third one) gave up and went DIY. I was kinda bummed that I wouldn’t be able to use that remote anymore. I’m now using a nano x. It’s not bad but I occasionally will push the accelerator up when I mean to brake as I’m so used to the R2. I’ll definitely be looking into this.

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