R2 style remote for diy esk8

Have y’all seen this? https://www.hoytskate.com/collections/accessories/products/speed-puck-remote-control-and-receiver


I’m hoping to get a group buy going for these. I have heard great reviews



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its a beautiful remote but i just cant do it, its too much money for a remote with no display or information. im sure it would be worth it for some but so far i cant find a remote i like better than the Winning V2 and its cheap lol (i have tried many remotes).

edit: talking about Hoyt remote, i am interested in the Flipsky remote


They are dragging their feet on the flip. I should have a response tonight. They are back from holiday.


There’s a bunch of people here that have tested and are using that remote already.

The flipsky remote? I wasn’t aware it was out. I know they offer a nano type remote but nothing like the r2

The Hoyt has been tested and from reports is a great remote. But pricy. I have inquired about a bulk discount for a group buy.

I think he was talking about the Hoyt Puck :slight_smile:

They have show us some pict too on the French forum : functions (teted on the solidgeek :wink: )

I believe they are going to put the firefly ( their verson ) into the r2 case.

This… i don’t want more holes in my board/enclosure. I don’t wanna look down or at my phone for info when riding. Untill i get a headsup display in my TSG pass i want it on my remote .


I’ll ride next to you carrying your telemetry on my phone and then just shout into your ear real loud every 15 seconds about your current voltage and how good your butt looks in dem jeans. Because lets be honest, that’s what we want our remote to tell us.


I’m into it


The buddy system. Love it. Don’t forget the selfie stick…

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Heads up display… get on that shit @skunk


If I was the one making it, it would just end up being a sticker on the inside of my visor saying “Its fine, go faster”


I see no problems with this idea.

Me neither, just don’t use this remote in the hood :joy:

The flipsky ones look really promising. Aww man the screen is on the left side again. RIP left handers.

wait im confused.

Are they making an r2 style or firefly style remote or both?

The pic @Riako shows has 2 diff remote styles and it looks like the r2 has the display on the top?

The design should be the one shown by Iperion. The pic they share with us, was just to test the electronic and function. Keep this one in mind I guess : I will ask for more news :slight_smile: