Raptor 2.1 Feedback

And how did it hold up Markus? … You sold it :wink:

Thats the main problem at the moment. Enertion can send you as many motors as they want you gonna destroy them. The raptor is supposed to be a hardcore board but it wont survive casual riding, it lacks range a lot and we better do not speak about the wheels.

I am still hoping enertion will pull through. Its kind of mindboggling how bad things went the last two years with the raptor.

On top of the board issues there is the support side. Yeah carl and the guys do what they can… its not their fault when wheels and replacement parts are not in stock … like ever… because they are well aware of the issues. Why waste shipping money for replacement parts you know gonna break again? but enertion as a company is a disappointment.

  • waiting months, was told to get a raptor in october 18
  • got a raptor in january… a mess of a raptor
  • RMA shipping back to enertion - no shipping refund (70dollars)
  • been told getting replacement board in march as worst case scenario
  • its may, still no board under my feet
  • still no spare remote or wheels here, ordered in june 18
  • you as a customer have to be active all the time or you wont get anything, know nothing.

Thats certainly not the customer experience anyone is expecting.

I mean on a business perspective its a total fiasko and normally a young company has no chance to survive with all these issues. Enertion needs to learn and act fast. So giving feedback, good or bad is vital.

Its obviously not all just bad luck. They are kind of in the same boat as their customers. Their suppliers are sh*t and we have kind of two issues, wheels and motors. Jason must have been near a heartattack a few times… I would have been if I was him.

I have a few boards in my basement so I can wait. Imagine a young guy, saving a shitload of money for a raptor and then going through this, my oh my… inacceptable and we have to speak about it right here!


No they haven’t. It’s been 2 1/2 years so no refund. They replace broken parts with more broken parts with multiple month (up to 6 months) wait times for those broken parts.

Carl probably is a great guy. This isn’t about his personality. It’s about they way his company does business. Which isn’t good at all.

This isn’t complaining. It’s posting my experience and facts. I’m never going to rest until Jason publicly apologizes for lying and insulting me on the forum because of shit HE fucked up and I paid for. Which he will never do. Because he has an ego the size of @brenternet’s penis. Which is fucking huge. :wink:


True story


Oh its thats why @brenternet is so angry on me, I shipped him xs condoms and after that he never reply to me :grin:


I haven’t got the package yet, you’re ruining the fun :frowning:


I give jason some credit. Looks like he is learning = a ceo does not ramble on public forums, there is nothing to gain out there. Face to face with Jason and a beer, I believe we would understand a lot better what is going wrong at enertion.

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Were they brand new one or refurbs with less than a dozen of “reload”?

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@CarlCollins shut, “refused, returned to sender”

I really don’t know whats the hassle with the raptor boards cause I got everything I wanted from anywhere to switzerland so far. So you tried to send me the board from china several times without luck and now even shipped from within the EU it not working :disappointed_relieved: so strange cause the first raptor got through - hongkong - switzerland - 4 days!

I am open to cancel and refund or trying whatever. you can decide but it looks like its not meant to be.

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Hi @Carlcollins, @barajabali

According to our last exchanges: I’ve joined by phone UPS this morning to cancel/reject shipping.

The result is amazing: Unlike the roadbook you’ve shared with me, the action is 100% on your side as the package has never been picked up in Germany. The ticket is ready, has been printed and is aging for a month into the queue, but UPS has never been triggered to pick up the package. It results that ENERTION ARE the one and only one actor able to cancel/reroute or do something. Screenshot_20190510-102014

Now it is mandatory that you:

  1. refund my bank account
  2. Manage order rerouting

I won’t cancel Amex reclamation/assistance until an happy end of this issue as operation management seems to be very fuzzy.

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@McErono Looks like we have re-shipped your board and also provided all the necessary documents, don’t know what’s wrong with the swiss custom,

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I replied to your email before because I want this to be resolved over an email, not on a public forum. I have replied to you again, please check your inbox


@Pura-Vida Don’t listen to that bs dude. Please keep it public. These kinds of things are good for future and current customers. Transparency should be always. Not just when Enertion decides it’s appropriate.


Here is an example again :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t want to say anthing now!

Have a very good day ahead :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

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Defective Hall Sensor - Replacement Motors

Enertion early April: ETA Mid May

Enertion last Week: shipping next week

Enertion this week: Motors coming next week from china then we can ship it to you

Enertion next week: ???

Also Enertion “we expect to receive the wheels stock to arrive by the end of this month and the motors stock in the month of May to ship your replacements”

no replacement motor no replacement pu…

EDIT: seems like @barajabali shipped my replacement Motor today!

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Hi @SeanHacker, @CarCollins,

Transparency is a proof of healthy process and procedures, I will take care to anonymise private or confidential data, but this topic will continue to be updated with information.

On my side, next steps will be an email exchange with Amex customer relationship assistance to get their feedback on the last events.

@CarlCollins: Enertion is the owner of the UPS shipping request. so you can cancel this order without waiting it to be delivered to Germany and to be forwarded to me in a second step. UPS has just confirmed it to me again (twice on the same day, each time international call, as UPS center is ilocalized n France and I am travelling to Switzerland): As they do not picked it up. The owner of the order is the only one that can update/cancel a request and this action does not require the package to be shipped and rejected.

So order to the sender that is the legal and unique owner of this operation to do what we are expecting from him: Cancel the shipping order and reroute it to another recipient.

2019-05-10T16:42:00Z: Amex has just confirmed to me that as soon as you are going to refund my account, the dispute will close automatically with an happy end.

So Enertion is the flag’s owner for this action.


It’s a great example of having to force a “transparent” company into transparency. Thanks for noticing.

Sometimes it would be better if you didn’t.

Have a great day yourself.


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This thread is off topic now. We are working with the customer and will find a resolution.