Raptor 2.1 for sale!

Hey guys,

I’m selling my Raptor 2.1 in excellent condition. Comes with all accessories and 2 year extended warranty. 9-9.5/10. A few small imperfections on an otherwise great condition board. Asking $1200 buyer pays shipping. Local pickup available if you live near Seattle! Also I’m happy to show the board if you’re local.

Selling because I’ve gotten in EUC’s and I have my DIY board which satisfying my esk8 itch.

Couple things to mention.

-Issue in R Spec mode where the board if you accelerate to full will just cut the power until you let off and try again. I was working with Carl from Enertion but he wants me to relocate the receiver (not sure if that will fix it) and I don’t want to deal with trying to fix this issue anymore. Overall the problem doesn’t seem to be a major issue and it rides perfect in slow mode so I can’t imagine there’s any sort of serious hardware problem. Enertion will work with you to resolve whatever is going on here!

-Kick tail has MINOR chips in it from shipping. Covered by a bash guards (see pics). Enertion agreed to replace with a new deck.

-A couple lines in the Outwheel PU (see pics) but nothing major and doesn’t effect performance.

That’s all I can think of off the top of my heard. See and pictures and if you have any questions please let me know20190408_145427 20190408_145436 20190408_145448 20190408_145507 20190408_145514 20190408_145532 20190408_152142 20190408_152136


Happy to get your board in for a repair to fix whatever that disconnecting problem is. Can ship it to me while sale is pending if you want


Hey Bara,

That would be great, thanks! I’ll PM you.

Damn! Good deal!!. I wish I was In the market for another board! Good luck with your sale brother :+1:t3:


Guess the DIY build worked out better for you …


Is that heat shrink that covers battery enclosure and all over the trucks🤔?

No lol it’s black electrical tape… I like to tape my stuff. I wasn’t going to keep it on there figured it would just come off but it stayed and I just never removed it.

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Haha. Well. That’s a good way to keep your stuff looking like new :+1:t3:


Haha yup pretty much.

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@barajabali Hey, sorry for hijacking, but maybe I can help you. I had the same problems in Rspec mode see video:

I fumbled around with my connections and searched for a loose connection but couldn’t find anything. But I placed my reciver differently. Before the change, the connection pin pressed against the Unity, i then turned it around so that the connection from the reciver has space and no pressure against the pin. Since then the problem is gone. But I don’t know if it was the reason.

Here is a picture from before: 20190409_033002

I now have another problem in rspec mode. But maybe it’s because a motor of mine doesn’t recognize Hall sensors. I should get a replacement motor in the next weeks and see if the problem is solved.


Hey thanks for posting! Actually Carl basically said that’s what i had to do, to place the receiver differently. I may do it or send it to Bara I’m not sure yet.

No problem dude. This is an easy fix. I turned it over because I thought it might break after a while due to the pressure and vibrations. I didn’t think it could have any more effects like cutouts.

Hey I want to try re positioning the receiver. Could you make a vid or picture showing placement? Also How do you get it unglued? What kind of glue did you use to re position it? I’m thinking of using silicone since I don’t have hot glue which I’ve heard mentioned a few times.

How much would it cost to ship it to Dallas TX? I’ve wanted a Raptor but don’t want to wait 2 months to get it. I bought a much cheaper board in the meantime to have fun on but my dad is gonna visit here soon he can’t bring his board on a plane.

sorry buddy, I don’t open my raptor again until I install my replacement motors and then I can make you a video. But you don’t need a video this is very easy.

The reciver is covered with hot glue and you can easily get it off. It is very simple. I bought hot glue (10euro) and attached it with it again. Just turn around once, so that the long end of the reciever does not press against the unity. It’s like Tetris.

Hey I’m not sure of the shipping costs. I haven’t packed it up yet.

In the US, It’s roughly $50 to ship a complete board


So it looks like I’m not able to fix the R-Spec issue myself and I’ll be sending it out to Barajabali for repair.

Thanks good to know!

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Why not? Shouldn’t be too hard. I’ve dissected every part on the Raptor 2 and can probably help you out. I probably know these boards better than Enertion themselves lol. Let me know if you want some help.