Raptor 2 cutting out

Hi guys i have come across a very bad issue with my R2 it allways seems to happen when I’m going at speed and i get hurt badly the issue i have is when im skating on my R2 it just randomly cuts out and i go flying off the board as the hubs lock up it hase happened to me 3 times know i have to turn the board off then back on again to get going again just woundering if this issue hase happened to any orher R2 owners from my experience and injuries this issue needs to be fixed as it is extremely unsafe hope any 1 can help me cheers.20180629_200200

Sounds scary dude, hope you are ok & heal fast.

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Yea man its pritty hectic i dont know why the hubs break so hard when it happends . And just naturally not expecting it i go flying off the board this problem with my R2 is super dangerous and intermittent .

Is it in certain spots? Near traffic lights or train tracks?

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sounds like motor phase leads touching. I would open it up and see if the heatshrink of the bullet connectors has come loose.

Don’t ride till you figure out why!

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Also, have you connected up VESC Tool to read the settings? Not sure what the default settings are, interested to know if there is an emergency brake current set… It might be beneficial to ride around slowly till this happens again, keep the board powered on, take it home, open it up, connect to vesc tool, read settings, and check for faults.

Also, if there is a brake current set, maybe change it to zero so if it does happen again the wheels don’t lock up and instead just rolls without resistance. In that case going fast, I’d recommend learning to foot brake and slide in case of an emergency where brakes cut out. Plus all the other suggestions here to tackle the source of the problem and not just mask the problem.

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I had this happen to me on my raptor 1. It resulted from a short in the slave motor windings and a fault in the slave VESC. Went full brake and sent me flying into a busy intersection, got very lucky. I would not ride this board above 10mph until this is resolved.

Do you hear any snapping sounds from motor?

Definitely plug it into the VESC tool and read faults

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Oh man Im glad you’re okay. Sorry this happened to you… That is very strange that it just breaks all of a sudden. Its possible that your receiver connection has worked its way free?

Either way, I am happy to take a look at your board, we can cover return shipping.


I should have linked @barajabali in too dude, pm, take him up on his offer he will get it sorted dude!


No mate when it hase happened 3 times know wasn’t around any traffic lights.

No mate no where near any traffic lights .

Ok will do thanks mate .

Hi mate cheers yea will be definitely trying to solve the problem as im sic of getting thrown off the board i reading all the feed back i think it a voltage over load and it cuts out locking the hubs at the same time im not good with computers at all but ill try and suss it out only ever hade it tuned by Enertion.

Sometimes snapping sounds from the motors mate but not very often . Ill try plugging in to vesc tool and read for faults iv never used the tool reader so im a bit unshure what to do as im not very good with computers.

A bunch of screenshots and posts about it here. It’s a little time, but you will figure out the vesc tool. The snapping sound could be shorts in the motor windings. The evidence will be black scorch marks on the windings. Happened to two of my Enertion motors a couple years ago.

This is just a stab in the dark but make sure the “Limit ERPM with negative current” is not checked or turned on.

You do need to go though all the settings in the Vesc or BLDC tool, which ever you are using. Even with a ready made board, if it uses Vescs or Focbox’s.

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Hey mate im not good with computers so im lost hear i need Enertion to fix it for me but im still waiting to hear back from them.

Hi Adam thanks man where do i find the screen shots and stuff to help me with my r2 ?

If you’re not good with computers it might be better for you to make a post on https://www.electric-skateboard.club (it’s a different site, check out the .club part).

People from enertion are often pretty quick to help you over there if you have a serious problem like yours. This site (.builders) is more for people who are building their own board.

Already helped him via Support ticket, I think issue is resolved.

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