Raptor 2 Design Files - Free Opensource Electric Skateboard Parts

Here are the major parts I designed and used for the production of the Raptor 2.1 electric skateboard. Now free for anyone to use. Enjoy.

These Raptor Parts design files are shared under this creative commons license. image


For the fans of the old raptor 1 motor mounts


Thanks for sharing this, it gives my raptors a future. Appreciate that!

However, the files I need most, aren’t coming through. Which are the wheels

Pretty sure this is going to be a popular post.

Try again now, seems the files had issues

Thanks for sharing these files, however the references to FreeSK8 are misrepresentative and inaccurate.

As your company does not have any affiliation or permission to use our likeness and trademark, we kindly ask that you remove any references to the FreeSK8 project, as it is a protected trademark of the Non-Profit Organization, FreeSK8 Foundation.

Respecting IP, licensure, and trademarks happens to be a core tenet of open source philosophy. We look forward to your expedient correction.


FreeSK8 Foundation



Hi FreeSk8,

Welcome to the community, I’m glad you brought this topic up actually.

Firstly, please accept my apologies, I wasn’t aware that it was forbidden to use common words such as Free & Sk8 together.

Actually, your “core tenet” aligns very closely with my own beliefs. I do believe that registered trademarks should be respected. You may recall when the mark VESC® was trademarked globally I was extremely proactive and removed the registered mark from products immediately.

Actually, this is when I registered the trademark FOCBOX.

You can see this registered mark clearly on the USPTO website, that’s how people confirm a mark is registered in the US.

Like I said above, I do take trademark infringement seriously, So I took a second to check on Uspto, strangely there are no records supporting your claims about FREESK8 being a registered trademark in the US. You might need to check your application got lodged properly.

Also, I have checked in Australia, this being the legal system that I am bound by.


As it stands, there is no evidence for the trademark FREESK8 in the US OR Australia, so it seems, for now at least, anyone can legally use these common words FreeSk8.

However, as a gesture of goodwill, I have now edited the words so it’s not confusing for people.

Since you have raised the topic, I am now wondering why the “Core tenet” is not being practised by your members.

Can you explain why your founder/director Andrew Dresner is using/endorsing the infringement of my registered trademark in this domain name?


He very clearly & publicly states “I approve” in relation to FOCBOX trademark infringement. This is very hypocritical and the exact opposite of your core tenant.

How do you expect anyone to take your organisation seriously when your members are doing the exact opposite of your foundation’s core beliefs?

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Sir, this is a Wendy’s.


Unacceptable and very strange respone,

Clearly your organisation does not take these matters seriously.

I would expect an organisation, such as yours, with such strong beliefs about intellectual property to, at very least, immediately condemn the statements made by your founder andrew dresner who is clearly endorsing trademark infringement and directly undermining the core tenent your foundation is built on.

If your foundation does not immediately condem andrew dresners actions, and thereby continue to knowingly allow your founder to act in bad faith against me then it is only reasonable to believe that your foundation is complict in undermining it’s own values and seemingly in support of trademark infringement.

Freesk8, openly supporting trademark infringement. Not a good look.

Be the change you want to see.


@onloop don’t you have better things to do then start shit? Like go be a parent. Or start another company.


I have much better things to do actually.

I would not have to waste my time on this if Andrew Dresner had the decency to act in accordance with his own foundation’s core tenents and stopped the blatant & ongoing trademark infringements.

The fact that you seem blind to this makes me wonder why I am wasting time responding to your clearly biased question.

Please try to remember, I am the one with the registered Trademark, both in the united states & australia.

I am the one who’s rights are being infringed, it’s been going on for years, and seemingly everyone thinks it’s fine.

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This you?

The reason you aren’t being taken seriously is because you’re misrepresenting this situation entirely.

You’ve been repeatedly asked to stop harassing our project & the people involved. None of this is new behavior.

You’ve been blocked on Patreon for harassment. You’ve been banned from Esk8.News for harassment.

You have had a copystrike against you for previous offenses on this exact topic, in fact. Google ruled in our favor there.

So the dishonest, aloof presentation and acting like this isn’t the latest in your continued harassment campaign, is why.

Please leave us alone, we don’t wish to be affiliated with you or your company in any way.

PS: you forgot to remove your erroneous tags on this thread.


That is untrue, the majority of contact i have had from you or your associates is in relation to allegations regarding trademark and copyright infringement.

There was at least one correspondence from Andrew dresner @derelictrobot where he threatened to hack into this forum, that being the reason why he is permanently banned from here.

On all occasions, where allegations are made about trademark and copyright infringement, i have responed promptly and rectified the material that is alleged to have infriged your rights. Which is what i would expect from any decent person.

The opposite can be said about your founder andrew dresner, who continues to infringe my rights by using/endorsing a domain name with my trademark.

If your organisation truly believes that ip rights should be respected you must not turn a blind eye to your founders actions.

As i said before, if freesk8 does not condem andrews dresner public approval of trademark infringement against me, freesk8 is complicit.

If you don’t wish to be affiliated with me or my company why does your founder, andrew dresener, and associates make use of a domain name that infringes my trademark?

This is a blatant contradiction of your core tenent.

I hereby, formally request Andrew Dresner, to stop endorsing trademark infringements publicly and more specifically stop infringing my trademark rights in relation to the the mark FOCBOX.

This is unfounded and untrue, as you have demonstrated by contradicting your core tenent, what is written in words is not truth in reality.

I think it should be noted that i do openly support your work, i have donated to your work and you have accepted, I have also made an educational video, full of praise, promoting your foundation and dedication to opensource ethos.

My donation to your foundation

Video praising your opensource work and foundation

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Thanks Jason, like a legitimate thanks

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are there files for the Stormcore? I wanna get some 100Ds together :pleading_face:

or know where I can get some?

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No means No, JayPo.

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You really only have one legitimate option! But the truth is there are some bad actors who have no respect for intellectual property rights so you get a bonus option.

  1. Buy the product directly from the people who pour their heart and soul and money into desinging, developing and delivering the product. You will get a warranty, support and a quality product guaranteed. That would be lacroix.com (really this is the only option anyone should ever consider)

  2. Bonus Option. There is this guy called Bill Gordon, he is staff administrator at FreeSk8.org If you send him a stormcore, he will send it away to a factory in china to be made counterfeit. Subsequently, there is a very good chance those files will end up being offered for sale by the freesk8.org associates who stand proud whilst acting in direct contradiction of the core tenets of their foundation. (This isn’t an option anyone should ever choose, and should never be supported in any community, but this is a true story, it happened to the focbox, and it is publicly endorsed by freesk8.org)


There is also a secret third option. You contact the China manufacturer of a well established product. It helps if the last company they worked with went bust and owes them money. Then you get them to sell you the product that was developed by some else. This method allows you to skip paying any R&D costs, you don’t even need the source files. They will probably even let you customise the colour or connectors. This method has worked for at least 2 esk8 company’s already.

Can’t wait to buy a ToastESC :grin:


So who is the manufacturer?

@onloop you call that a Raptor?

This is a Raptor:

Is there any files or where I can get some sleeves for my raptor 2.0?