Raptor 2 Designs - FREE DOWNLOAD

when did I say that?

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20 years from now, this battle will still be ongoing, right next the editor and identation wars :stuck_out_tongue:

Grievances aside, opening anything is only good. If it is excellent, it can be replicated more easily. If it is mediocre, it can be improved more easily. If it is attrocious, it can be avoided more easily.

As I said, Before your company went bankrupt and you started flagging people again and you didn’t pay employees…


It’s been 9 days.

Where are the design files you claimed to be open sourcing?

@onloop you little goofball.


Hes just thinking :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Give him another week to think a little bit more.


His 5 hour work day must just be really full lately, working on his comeback. He’ll release the old files only after he announces the Raptor 3.0

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Is this IP owned by Enertion? are the creditors going to come after people who make use of this?

@onloop when will you upload them?

It’s taking longer than expected actually… i have two children at home since there is no school on at the moment due to virus.

I now realise its very hard to get work down whilst homeschooling, big respect for the teachers of the world.


Man… pretty low using kids as an excuse. Everyone with kids knows, we use this excuse to people without kids to not admit were lazy.

You had time to delete coments tho…

Why is the truth so hard for you? Its eazy.

"Sorry i went back on my word cuz i got lazy/procrastinated_really just dont care. "

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It takes me 5 min to upload a few files and share a url for them? Whats the problem?

Im sick in Corona for the last 2 weeks, a 2 years old child i take care of myself and 2 works i do at same time…

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I think this was the general issue with the entire company. CBA.

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3 weeks later . . .


25 days.

Any update Jason?

Just curious, not personally interested in the parts.


Another 2 weeks on. How longs it take to tidy up some files?

Sorry for the delays, this will defiantly happen when i get a few more hours to sort the files out.

To make matters worse, my PC crashed and my drop box subscription got downgraded because i didn’t pay the bill, I needed to reload everything and sort a bunch of shit out. blah. blah.

Plus, I still have two small children in my house pestering me for food, and activities, and food and attention, due to isolation. Cannot wait until school goes back

It will happen.


Please stay on topic guys, this is for design files :wink:

Centralize all Enertion warranty issues in this thread so everybody has a clear overview where people can help each other out: Enertion Boards Voluntary Liquidation

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Correction. 2 months later and still no designs.