Enertion Boards Voluntary Liquidation

To our customers, staff, family, friends, fans and electric skateboard builders across the globe, I would like to thank you all for your support over the last 6 years.

As of March 2020, Enertion Boards Pty Ltd board members voted to enter voluntary liquidation appointing the firm Chifley Advisory Pty Ltd as Liquidators of the company.

Enertion Boards was created in 2014 with a mission to educate people, grow a passionate community, build an industry and develop high-performance parts required to build awesome electric skateboards.

In 2015, Enertion created a free and open community forum bringing together electric skateboard enthusiasts from across the globe to share their passion and advice about building electric skateboards. A place where the ground-root start-up vendors were given a platform to share their wares with other enthusiasts and unite together with the common goal of nurturing the self-built electric skateboard industry as a whole.

Also in 2015, Enertion was the first vendor to mass-produce and promote the open-source high voltage VESC motor controller which was a pivotal moment in the evolution of safety, performance and configuration of self-made boards. Developed the first mass-produced esk8 specific li-ion battery pack with integrated charging & safety features drastically simplifying the process of building your own esk8. Released open-source motor mount designs making it easy for anyone to produce quality dual-motor mounts.

In 2016, Enertion was first to market with a kicktail deck, made using carbon fibre molded over a foam core, featuring an integrated components cavity specifically made for builders of electric skateboards. This deck was used in the original Raptor which to this day is still one of the lightest & highest-performance boards ever made. The Raptor was the worlds first ever semi-mass-produced pre-built board using VESC based motor controllers & large 63mm Diameter Motors.

In 2017, The Raptor 2 was born, Successfully funded on Kickstarter, the worlds most powerful direct-drive electric skateboard. The massive & powerful hub motors on the Raptor 2 would forever change the way people think about electric skateboard drive trains and performance. Until the Raptor 2 was unleashed few believed that hub motors would ever be viable for electric skateboards.

In 2018, The Focbox Unity was released open-source; the worlds first all-in-one, dual-drive, high voltage motor controller, the focbox unity made building your own electric skateboard more affordable and easier than ever before. The Focbox Unity became an industry favourite and can be found in the best brands of high-performance electric skateboards, such as Lacroix, Kaly & Bio Boards.

In 2019, An updated & refined Raptor 2.1 was released. This board came standard with the focbox unity, liquid-cooled motors, improved software and overall more polished user experience. The Raptor 2.1 was easier to manufacture with a more refined and scalable supply chain ready to expand into global markets.

It’s now 2020, So what happened?

Enertion both successfully & unsuccessfully took on many challenges over the years, pushing the boundaries of innovation & technology, in the endless pursuit to develop the best parts and build the highest performance electric skateboards.

Unfortunately, the market in 2019 and early 2020 has proven to be extremely turbulent. We have seen many multi-billion-dollar companies, with greatly vaster resources when compared to enertion, failing to overcome the vast challenges related to hardware manufacturing.

After many months of negotiations with potential buyers, investors and lenders we have been unable to find a viable solution, sadly enertion will not be able to continue the mission and has chosen to enter voluntary liquidation to wind up the company. Customers, agents, partners or vendors who may have unpaid invoices may contact Chifley Advisory to make a formal claim.

I am incredibly proud of the groundbreaking achievements made by the team at enertion and I hope that our contributions to the industry have resulted in more people building & riding the best possible electric skateboards.

Thank you all for your support.

Dream it, Build it.

Jason Potter

Founder & Former CEO of Enertion Boards Pty Ltd


Hi Jason, you thieving fuck.

Been a minute.

I don’t believe you.


Do I get to light my candle yet?


I’ve been waiting for this.

I’m very glad I finally have something good to tell my friend who I convinced to buy something from you.

Hope this can be truly resolved, if it’s possible (unlikely).


@onloop on a serious note, what’s the current plan for this place?


wow would love to get my missing two months pay :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey bro. You still owe me $$$. What the fuck you dumb piece of shit?


Hello Jason,

It’s good to hear from you. Thanks for getting back to us - it’s been a long time coming.

I’ve been meaning to reach out for awhile now, so sorry I haven’t done so sooner.


Fuck you.

I wish you all the worst in your future endeavors.


Wouldn’t we all?



Coming straight from support.


I just dropped a line to Chifley Advisory whateverthing. Hope it will work out…


Hey @onloop you still want to sell me this place for $1.6m?

Or are you ready to be reasonable?


This does not sound voluntary to me.


That’s an Australian technicality to make them feel less shitty about themselves for sucking ass.

Or so I am told.


Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out


I think more than the door hit him to be fair.

Like the fair market.


They live upside down, no wonder why they have issues communicating with us.


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maybe can qualify as liquid cooled. None the less still sounds like the usual self promotion bull right till the end


When does innovation become irrelevant?

When its superseded by dishonesty

Good luck with your future endeavours.