Raptor 2 for sale (located in Germany, send within EU)

Hi, my brother and I want to sell two of our Raptor 2 Boards! We supported enertionboards “Raptor 2” kickstarter campaign in 2016. Recently (may2018) we received our reward/backer’s-gift (5 x freshly manufactured Raptor 2). Back in the day we’ve already planed to sell some of them as soon as we get them. Well, you probably all know the story, it was a wee bit later than expected :wink: Now we are offering 2x brand new Raptor 2 boards, along with the original charger, skate tool, nano-x controler & the fancy case all in the original boxing. Warranty transfer is also wanted by us and needs to be managed by us,you & enertion as soon as there is an actual interested in buying. The boards are located in Germany, so we actually prefer to sell them to someone in Germany as well (shipping via Hermes incl.). Solltest du daran Interesse haben dann nutze folgenden Link: https://m.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/electric-skateboard-raptor-2-neu-/892717805-230-8154 We are also selling to people from other countries but not outside EU (PLUS shipping costs) The price we are looking for is 1700,-€ per Board (negotiable, pick up etc.) If someone is interested in getting a Raptor 2 with the advantage of getting it delivered quickly, pls. feel free to contact ether my brother via the link above or me ([email protected])


Wasn’t the 5 pack just 999$ each? Even with taxes that does not even make 1200€.


Yes you are right! Back in the day as there was no Raptor 2, just an kickstarter project which you could have supported not knowing if it will be successful and If the Raptor 2 will ever get to exist, the price was that low. To make something clear right away: Yes we want to make a little extra to finance our own 2 boards (kept Raptor’s).

I hope you are aware of https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gewinnerzielungsabsicht :wink:

I received the 5x Raptor 2 boards as an backer’s-gift and I am a private person who offers them to others. I am NOT constantly getting new boards which I try to sell. I only try to sell those spare ones once. So there is no business background/intention in this offer. But I have to admit you are right again with the link and thank you for the information.

It´s basically the same price as if you buy it now from Enertion including everything, BUT you get it right away now and not in 6 months :slight_smile: So it´s definitely a good offer!


I just posted that because you said in your post that you intend on making a profit (you try to finance your own boards). How often you try to do that is irrelevant regarding german taxation laws. Just be careful with statements like that - it could bite you in the ass later on. In principle you would be required to pay taxes on that sale. Just don’t get caught and good luck - I hope you’ll make a fellow esk8er happy.

I totally get your point! I just wanted to say things like they are and be open & honest about everything.


raptor 2 only costs “€1,326.69” and you can add an 8% discount on top of that, I’ve also heard they have some scheme that’s like 100 UAD for every month were late to ship now.

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add shipping, duty and fees and you´re at about the same price for a board. If you want a board now, these are good prices :wink:


The advertised price is all inclusive.

Raptor 2 has free shipping and no import duty.

If you want a board now, this might be the only option though.

Shipping prices started that sale is over :frowning:

If that’s so then with a discount code the raptor 2 only costs 1500 euro with everything.

Well but summer will be over when the cheaper raptor arrives so :man_shrugging:

If you buy one regular, (just played it through to my door in Germany), you´ll end up with 1757,30€ for one right now. And that´s without additional fees for import fees which shipping companies often take afterwards.

To be perfectly clear. I think the offer is fair if it has good urethane on the hubs. Else you won’t be able to ride freely before new urethane wheels with the improved formula get send under warranty.

But the price is as follows: raptor%202%20price

This is all you pay. No import fees/duty. Shipping is already included.

Why do you say “no duties” have to be paid? Enertion is not charging them but this is sent from China so you will have to pay taxes as soon as it arrives in Germany. Do you guys even know how important duties work? Now guess what 1450*1.19 equals to…


There is a lot talking about the price. In the end it’s your choice if you buy one of me/my brother or if you order it directly from enertionboards.com! The advertised price is the price you have to pay to get a Raptor 2.

The only thing that we are willing to do, regarding the price, is to make a little discount by someone who wants to pickup their board and pay’s it cash by ether my location (far north-east Germany) or the location my brother is living (far south Germany).

There has been someone from the UK who contacted me via email and I replied right away but than he didn’t awnserd. So if you read this and you where wondering same as I, something went wrong with my email. Pls let me know otherwise we will take next person in line. . .

Still have it? Contact me on [email protected] If we get in a deal you have the money and I will have the eboard

So you joined 20min ago, are named John but the email is tomwellingg and want to do a deal >1500€?

@DrBrainwash I’d be very careful here.

Hi, look for Johny Samir on Facebook/instagram, which is my real name. I’m from Brazil, 32 years old and married, I use the tomwelling email about 14 years now, I was a smallvile fan. Tom Welling is the guy that plays Clark Kent in the tv show, I always wanted to be superman when child and teenager (not that I don’t wish to be anymore lol). Got many contacts and it’s my professional email from many many years. I know it may sound silly but I was a teenager, and I don’t feel shame for what might others think is silly, I do what I like. I’m not a dodgy buyer I’m the opposite. I’ve bought raptor 2 from enertion 2 months ago still waiting it to be shipped. My friend wants one he’s willing to wait so if I buy one now, he will be happily switching it with me.