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Is the idea to ignore this long enough until it goes away?

Is FatDaddy okay with enabling a potentially illegal operation to happen under their roof?

People are asking for clarity here. There’s an Enertion parts store that popped up that has multiple confirmed links to being associated with Jason Potter. Enertion is being liquidated and he’s not supposed to be operating unless it’s under direction of the liquidation company. If he’s supposed to be helping them and is operating as a sales agent for them, given his history, it sure would be helpful to know what the hell is going on.

Here he is advertising both FatDaddy and his new shop in the same post, in fact:

Thoughts @nelson? More radio silence?

You unfortunately bought a house with some history. It would do well to address this.

You seemed to have some opinions on the topic of business ethics when it was under a different roof:

You were asking Jeff Wu to do some explaining (which we were already doing), so let’s ask the same of your guest Jason Potter.

@onloop what is up with this?

Because it sure looks like you’ve got a Shopify account selling Enertion stock, and that raises just a few questions which you seem to be doing your best to avoid/deflect away from. Let’s talk.


@DerelictRobot “thoughts nelson” - “More radio silence?” Take a chill pill.

I am out fishing and will deal with this later. People are not dying, it’s not life threatening, it is a bit strange but as long as everybody stays ontopic i will address it soon. Need more details.

It would be a different matter if the shop did not deliver, but so far i see customers are getting their orders through that shop.

In the meantime if people need support for undelivered Enertion orders, >>>get official legal assistance<<<. Banning Jason is not gonna help.


Then by all means, go fish until you have time to deliver more than yet another non-answer.

You had time to moderate and move threads and haven’t addressed the elephant in the room in the last 2 months, so you’ll have to excuse me if I had doubts you cared. Your new friend ripped off a lot of my current friends, and your apathetic response so far is pretty confusing.

No need to make any assumptions about my emotional state darling, I promise I’m doing just peachy. :kissing_heart:


FatDaddy is totally complicit in whatever it is Jason is doing. They’re pedaling Raptor 2.1 completes themselves.

Best case scenario, none of the $$ from the sale of this Enertion capital is making its way back to Jason (something I could see him being too embarrassed to say outright, preferring to watch some of us squirm when we see Enertion’s products still being sold).

If that were the case, I have an idea…

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Okay back home.

I would like to state that at the moment i do not suspect @onloop to be a scammer at all. Yes he made mistakes with Enertion by keeping new Raptor orders open to keep cash flow while other issues arose. If he did not do that there would be less customers that got hurt. In the end, Enertion went into a liquidation which i assume is still in the works. I don’t have details on that. Customers that never received their board should look at the details in this topic. And as always, i suggest hurt consumers to seek proper legal advice. We don’t have the answers to help you.

About that parts webshop, i have seen it come by in several group chats over the past few weeks. People i know ordered there and they received it so it did not ring any alarms. That screenshot does seem to show that @onloop is running it, and i would like to ask @onloop to clarify on that. Because orders are getting delivered it does not seem a scam. Yes, it does sucks for old Enertion customers, maybe something can be worked out for them if some parts are still available?

So there were a few questions:

why is @onloop being allowed to return to this community with this same predatory bullshit?

He did not return, he never left. In a way, this is his community. He built this forum along with others over the past few years.

Is FatDaddy okay with enabling a potentially illegal operation to happen under their roof?

Not at all. But we need more details first. If orders from that new shop never arrived, this would be a different case.

FatDaddy is totally complicit in whatever it is Jason is doing. They’re pedaling Raptor 2.1 completes themselves.

We currently have a few Raptor 2.1’s, a box of bluetooth modules, BMS and etrays. And we have a few wooden decks left. We sold out on everything else a while ago. The last shipment of parts was well over a year ago. We have nothing to do with that online shop.

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No… It’s not…


Does it not seem a scam, if people who placed orders long ago get nothing, including Bioboards bulk order fo Unities, while new customers get stuff presumably manufactured with old customer’s money?


What about the people that put money in at the start with the Enertion Raptor 2 Kickstarter!? They Didn’t know if they were ever going to get their boards, but still took a risk and helped get it off the ground and from that the focbox Unity was born as well and @Deodand is part of the esk8 community now and is next level genius with what he creates…

…now some raptor 2 boards that got swapped for 2.1’s need repairs and the people that ride them would like to buy genuine parts so why wouldn’t you want them to buy from this store and get back out on the concrete as soon as possible?

Like @nelson said

Because its 99% more than likely jason potter behind this clearance store. The same man who took in the money, then never delivered… and is now reselling the same product, he never delivered…

He’s illegally selling these under the nose of the liquidation company. I say this with impunity, as he STILL HASN’T DENIED IT since this new evidence has surfaced. Prove us wrong jason/ @onloop


Wow did not know a serious and what i thought before was a good company like Fatdaddy supported business owners to carry out illegal acts and indirectly defend them.

I guess its because they bought a forum from him that was probably illegal to resell when it belonged to those who Enertion had a debt to and not for his own personal wallet.

"My store"

Jasons phone number:

Now they also locked the topic: Raptor 2 Designs - FREE DOWNLOAD

So now they did give Jason another reason to not follow his promises.


Hi @mackann, we will be discussing the situation this week. Need answers from several people to get to the bottom of this.

I know some would love a public thread with updates every 5 minutes, but that is not the popcorn content we are after. People will have to wait on our conclusion.

That Design Files thread is closed because the unnecessary bumping with troll remarks is not helping the matter.

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I can also add that this forum was in a quote with buying hole Unity production from Enertion. And it was also used to marketing Enertion so this forum is stolen from the liquidation and the customer Enertion owes money. Again he is takes money for himself instead of paying back what he owes people just like he does with illegal raptor shop.

I suggest you hand over the forum access to Chifley Advisory Pty and demand Jason pay you back whatever you paid for the forum if you don´t want to take part in his illegal activity.

Here is the quote:


Stop jason potter and his endless bullshit. He’s been the same since he came on the scene


Yep, he tried to sell the forums to the group of regulars here as it was going down in flames for 1.6mil?

He also seems to think he owns the Unity IP, not Enertion:

This is why people react in the way they they do with Jason Potter. He’s a liar and a fraud.

This shit will never end with him until you stop enabling him.


@onloop. You better inform me and every single other forum user if you intend on selling our user data. If not, you can expect more legal issues to be heading your way.

We all have a right to have our user data completely deleted prior to a transfer accordin

In relation to the transfer of data from one controller to another, there will be a duty to inform the data subjects that their personal data is to be transferred to a new controller. If the buyer is relying on the seller to send out such notice, it is advisable that this is detailed in the sale agreement.[quote=“Slak, post:68, topic:107691”] But a japanese company selling products to EU residents using websites in EU languages and/or websites hosted in EU has to be GDPR compliant [/quote]

Well, this site was used to market products to European / global users.

Even the forum terms and conditions upon signing up states that personal identifiable information is not handed out to third-parties. I would classify an interested party as a third-party.

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Actually since there is data on user’s geolocation + other personal identifiable fields such as email and first/last name, good chance that the entire transfer of this asset (builders forums) would need to be fully GDPR compliant.

Did anyone else get an email notifying us of our personal data changing hands? I didn’t.


I’m not an expert but had to recently pass certification on GDPR for my work and I think this forum is not concerned. The reason is because it doesn’t target EU residents. Some users (like me) are in the EU but the processes involved on the forum operations do not target specifically EU residents.

Examples :

  • Payroll system of a japanese company processing datas of their employees is not concerned by GDPR, even is some employees are EU residents.
  • But a japanese company selling products to EU residents using websites in EU languages and/or websites hosted in EU has to be GDPR compliant.

I think the current owner of this forum are located in EU

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Upon registering, you can check the terms and conditions which states that identifiable information will not be forwarded to third-parties, so there is that.