Raptor parts clearance shop

I’m not an expert but had to recently pass certification on GDPR for my work and I think this forum is not concerned. The reason is because it doesn’t target EU residents. Some users (like me) are in the EU but the processes involved on the forum operations do not target specifically EU residents.

Examples :

  • Payroll system of a japanese company processing datas of their employees is not concerned by GDPR, even is some employees are EU residents.
  • But a japanese company selling products to EU residents using websites in EU languages and/or websites hosted in EU has to be GDPR compliant.

I think the current owner of this forum are located in EU

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Upon registering, you can check the terms and conditions which states that identifiable information will not be forwarded to third-parties, so there is that.

I don’t think owners would be considered third parties in this case.

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Prior to a purchase, the interested party is a third-party.

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Let’s see how long it takes until chiefly takes action.

The esk8 news site everyone was awesome to me. They treat new people well… I’ve only seen Jason Potter say bad things of them. Jason is known to have a bunch of alternate accounts here i hope this wasn’t from one of them. but if not one of them It’s the first person i noticed that jason convinced.

Is it ok to buy them off the back of a truck if you know they are stolen?

If these assets as they very likely seem to be are owned by enertion, then they are being sold out from under the liquidators. so for every customer sent to Chiefly Advisors to try to submit a claim. You are helping steal from the pot of money that would have tried to pay that claim.


New owners of this forum are a joke. Needlessly going out of their way to defend and support a known scammer, all you’re doing is tarnishing your own brand. I think at this stage many people would be ready to group Fat Daddy with Enertion.

Had to close the thread because people like me were making “troll” remarks like “classic jason, over promise, under deliver.” Are you tone deaf? Do you realise what this guy has done? Do you see the person after person still arriving out thousands of dollars each? Do you notice that they all have a similar story, with false promises buying more and more time till eventual non-communication and liquidation?

You have bought a forum off an asshole who scammed this community, and want to call us trolls when we attack Jason for doing the exact same shit again. Well I’m glad you censored me, not like I had a court order against Jason and a lot of reasons to warn people about his continued behaviour.

I really hope whatever pathetic payout Jason offered you was worth the damage you have done to your reputation by associating yourself and defending someone who has ripped people off hundreds of thousands of dollars.

@DerelictRobot did you get in contact with Chiefley? Because I think I’ll do the same thing.

Just a reminder why I’m personally pissed off at Jason.


Bump! Until @GamerGirl Aka Jason, sorts this out!

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Have fun you guys enjoy the venting. Not changing anything because I’m not Jason

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Weird for a bystander to go after me, or for a woman to use another womans photo, but who am I to judge. Tbh, I’m just not a fan of censorship.

Imagine being told to censor yourself so you can receive late delivery on a board you paid for 6 months ago. Seems like quite the dishonest scheme to me.


I just sent a follow-up email last night. I had sent an email last Monday + called and left a VM.

Haven’t heard back from anyone yet, was waiting to talk with them and then the plan was to make a thread with any/all information on how people can file a claim and hopefully get refunded/compensated.

PS: just ignore the @GamerGirl troll idiot. They already got banned elsewhere and linked to other troll accounts using the same VPN, and clearly have nothing to contribute anyway. I’ll let you make guesses on who might have motive to do that.

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@GamerGirl was on the other forum as a complete noob to esk8 looking for suggestions for a setup to ride her back up hills. She’s a 70 mph downhill skater. That was a week ago

Now “she” is dropping BMS diagnostic technical advice and responding to dozens of posts. Same IP address too. @onloop still hasn’t answered the question about his involvement with the raptor shop.

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Its going to be interesting who Jason drags down with him at this rate.


A “complete newb” who was selling a Unity & a couple of VESC-X.

Who then tried to claim they had no idea who JP was. “Lol I am going to have to look this guy up”

And like 3 days later is giving out advice to reach out to @Martinsp and other bland banter exactly as Jason did before he got silenced here. Lol. Such a lazy attempt at a troll.

Again, they’re a waste of time regardless of who’s feeding on the attention behind that keyboard. Fuckin Cringefest 9000 tho


As much as imagining Jason wearing a wig to get attention from the boys is making me chuckle, I’m more interested in Jason’s clearance shop and the transfer of this domain. I have a funny feeling that not everything is quite above board here. If it was, Jason could be totally transparent about it, and gain some internet brownie points doing so, yet he doesn’t. We should follow this rabbithole, at least in the hope that we can make financial recovery easier for the ones who missed out.

Also at this point I just want to give Jason the attention he so sorely wants. I’ll be in contact with Chiefly tomorrow.


Bumpy bumpp

Im not sure if I understood correctly as I am not very active on this forum anymore, at least not publicly. Do you mean to say that I have another account sending myself customers? I have to deny that in my defence, I dont to that and never will. Sorry if I did not get this right, I admit I am replying without knowing the context just to make sure and avoid misunderstandings.