Raptor parts clearance shop

No he’s saying that the account GamerGirl interacting with you first acted like a n00b. but then later began to speak and behave exactly like jason doling out highly technical and authoritative sounding advice as well as banter all in the exact style of Jason Potter.

The same Account name and Stock Photo was used to troll the replacement forum over at esk8 news. where jason tipped his hand to those that know him that it was indeed him.


Aha I see, thank you for the explanation! :slight_smile: I should catch up on all this but its too much these days.

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Haha, don’t waste your time.


@fessyfoo nailed it, and that’s only the half of it. I’d like to know where the @moderators are?

This is a breach of the forum terms of service:

1. You may not impersonate others through the forum.

You may not submit content to the forum that violates the law,…

If he’s using @GamerGirl to mask his identity, it’s a breach of the TOS. If it’s not above board his involvement with the raptor shop, it’s also a breach.

@onloop has ironically not returned while @gamergirl runs around handing out advice.

Maybe the owners gave up trying to deal with him

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I have the feeling that @nelson and crew might not have entirely known who they were involving themselves with.

I’m guessing they have learned a few things since.

Would’ve been great for them to just get a clean start but that would’ve required humility and common sense on the prior forum owner’s part.

PS: still no word back from Chifly this week.





Hey, the link in your profile is dead.

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Modz r gey

Since it’s a violation of community guidelines, I’m just going to flag every single post Jason makes aka gamer girl makes

Join me

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oh so you went from asking if you needed a BMS to giving BMS tech advice in a week. No ones listening. Your analogy to the KKK makes no sense. Nor does your analogies to lynch mobs. Ive got no beef with @onloop prior to this. But blatant misrepresentation is where I draw the line. You’re pocketing cash selling left over stock products that should have been forfeited and you lied when asked about your involvement.


Bumpy bumpp

That in itself does not bode well. What a lovely organization that must be. @onloop keep ripping people off I guess, nobody there to hold you responsible.

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ill buy your raptor 2.0 deck for what you paid for it.



giphy (3)


FYI just received all the parts I ordered, and all is looking good. Placed the order on 24-04 so it took about a month.

Let’s see how long it takes until something brakes. Good luck.

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Enertionshop isn’t taking orders any more because their shopify account got locked, and the aliexpress store associated w/ them has orders still out from early April. Rollin’ them dice.

It’s gonna be those trash hubs/sleeves first, fuh sho.

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