Raptor parts clearance shop

Most likely.

Looks like there checkout system has been down for some time

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those look “hot”.

as in stolen goods hot. By buying from that store, you are supporting a criminal.

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Nice. You just bought the worst most unreliable parts in the esk8 market. Hope you have someone cool to write your eulogy after those shitty motors lock up on you at speed.

Not to mention you’re supporting a disgusting theif.

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Im hoping the store is shut down because of all the calls made to chiefly about Jason aka gamergirl selling products illegally…


Wow some fierce reactions! Sorry for not being fully aware of the situation/ history/ ownership of the store.

Just trying to inform others about my order, and we will see how the parts will perform

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If they perform like all the other parts they produced, then the will try and kill you or fail as per usual. Kiss your family before your maiden voyage.


Hey guys, I don’t wanna get involved in all the emotional shit about enertion or illegal sales activity. Just looking for a place to legally buy spare parts for my raptor 2. Especially the outwheels would be nice to have a spare pair. I was in contact to [email protected] they said they are out of stock on outwheels but in contact to the factory. They are looking for people to place orders so they can have a batch produced.

Is anyone else looking for outwheels? Interested in teaming up? Are there any other sources for outwheels? Or other spare parts?

Thanks Fabian


@fabpin Unfortunately those are difficult to come by now you can try lathing a outer layer out of a larger long board wheel.

If that doesn’t work try glue and bubblegum.


Does anyone by chance know the name or better a link to where to buy the Same Cable Wrap that’s used on the Raptor 10s4P Spacecelll Balence wire. Its also found on the Motor Cables.

Seems to be some nylon weve/poloyeuratne infused - high abrasion resistance/and water resistance.

would be nice to pick up a supply of that for future builds.

Sounds a bit sketchy Aren’t there a whole bunch of people out there still riding raptors? They’ll all need outwheels at some point

Well the wheels chunk quickly or get worn out so doubt it unless its a very casual user. Some people bought the outer wheels up from raptor shop so maybe. I mean use them as direct drive? Not much else is possible. @fabpin

Wow I guess I got scammed? Idk? Purchased a infinity focbox at enertionraptor shop on shopify on aug 24th and today I installed it but no lights come on whatsoever. Seems bricked to me unless I missing something big.

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The entire operation stinks like hot shit

PayPal refund for a defective product while you still have time (if you’re not missing anything obvious, obviously), don’t let the seller talk you down at all. There’s no “going back” when you’re filing for a refund via PayPal, you get one shot.

@onloop you got any extra integrity to go around? The man needs a replacement for the defective ESC you sold him.

Probably caused by that faulty anti spark switch circuitry that never got updated.

Anyone who has a focbox unity and needs support is covered!

@quickhatchkid check your pm

My unity has twice now just randomly lost it’s settings. I have to redetect motors in order to get it working again. i’ve read this has happened to a lot of people.

Any idea how we can prevent this issue?


What about people without them?