RE/PT'ile >> Red Ember Drop Deck / Psychotiller 6x2in AT wheels, x2 190kv 6355 motors / x2 VESC / 10s3p 30Q battery pack

I don’t have all of my parts in yet, deck should be here today and the rest of my batteries on tuesday. Figured I’d go ahead and get this started so you could see the Red Ember (@treenutter) deck and Psychotiller (@psychotiller) AT wheels.

Gear ratio: 3.75:1 Top Speed: 32.47 mph - 52.26 km/h Weighted Top Speed: 22.73 mph - 36.58 km/h Constant Discharge Rate: 300a Estimated Range: 21m (33.79km)

Obligatory skate porn…

…more pics to come.

This is my build sheet. It contains all the major parts. It does not contain bullet connectors, wire, misc crap.

This is the wiring diagram for the x10 lipos, x2 VESC & BMS.


* EDIT: I am actually using a 10s3p Samsung 30Q battery pack made by @PXSS (thanks brother). It’s awesome!. I moved the 10s Lipo pack to another build.


Setup looks SOLID! The paris mill down looks good.

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Thanks, means a lot coming from you :slight_smile:. I’m really happy with the way the Paris 195s came out. I’ll go with RKP’s next time, these were a pain in the ass to mill.

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My buck trucks needed milling too. After the work was done I was giddy though!

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Nice build idea! Have you modded the batteries? They look kinda different :smile:

Nope, just cheap hard case packs from Hobby King. I’m using a JST extension cable to connect the balance leads to a BMS. @Namasaki pioneered this type of battery pack. You can see how he did it here…

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Here it is with grip and the right truck hardware. The hardware I ordered was 2.5in…WTH? Anyways, I used some 1.25 zinc coated allen heads that I had laying around. Im not crazy about the grip, I don’t think it looks bad, but I need something that flows, the deck is to curvy for hard angles. I’ll figure something out eventually.

I swapped enclosures, the @psychotiller Monolith Low Pro 25 was a bit too long for the deck so I used a Space Cell Pro enclosure I bought for the heck of it. I could trim down the low pro but I think I’ll use it on my Jet Spud 33 that I am building next.

The next decision…I could finish it this weekend using a 10s3p battery pack I got from @PXSS (still waiting on x5 lipos) but I dont have a BMS yet so I would be running them with no discharge control. Per @whitepony, if I understand correctly, is not a big deal. Hmmmmmm, I ponder…


1 more pic…I wanted to show you folks something that I thought was cool as hell.

You’ll notice in the middle of the board (5th ply) there is a red layer to match the top and bottom. That;s just cool as hell.


I have a board I’ve run without a bms for awhile.

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I might do it, I’m so damned ready to ride this thing I cant stand it! I have everything I need other than the x5 lipo packs (to make x10) or a BMS. I’ll have to use an XT90-S if I run without the BMS and they are difficult to fit in Space Cell enclosures, but I can manage it.

Do it!!! For science :joy:

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LOL, I probably will. Im just not sure there’s enough punch in a 10s3p for these wheels. I thinkIm gonna sleep on it. Got get out and help for a Boy Scout yard sale tomoorw…woopy :slight_smile:

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Are you going to forward mount your motors…they tuck nice…I’m just worried about strikes…

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And the red looks kilker…


There’s lots of room for the motors under the deck. I thought about rear mounting, but I just really like it. If it doesn’t hit I’m gonna leave them under.

I like the red too :grinning:

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@longhairedboy, skatan directly intergrated into the deck


Lol, no doubt. Should increase speed by another 10% at least.

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i wouldnt sign off on that generally! first of all its only for quality liion cells, battery friendly treatment and not max’ing nor min’ing the end of charge voltage (which could fall under battery friendly treatment)!

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Yea…I am pondering front or rear mount too…they do tuck nice on this board…

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That looks really good. Do you think wheel bite will be an issue, or do you have enough clearance? I have a drop through deck I want to mount my hubs on, but I’m gonna have to do some serious hacking to make it work.

And for your boards name, how about the “Red Ryder BB Gun” cause it’s red and it will blow away a Boosted Board (BB). :grin: