Re-Re-Rebuild my boards thread

I currently have 2 esk8s one is a longboard and the other is a short board (20”). They are both currently out of commission and waiting for parts to arrive so I can do some transplants and upgrades.

Build 1

This is going to be my high speed adrenaline board. I want it to have lots of torque as well as lots of speed (I know that’s what most want) here’s the plan

12s1p lipo 2x 190kv 6356 97mm clones 10:27 chain drive 2x Tb vescs Extra 19800uf cap bank Hk trucks 2x Custom motor mounts Custom styrene enclosure

With those parts I’m looking at just over 50km/h top speed and 15-20km range.

So far I have the motors, batteries, vescs (thanks @Funktapus), capacitor bank, trucks and wheels, 1 motor mount and the chain drive. I’m only waiting on some plastic to make an enclosure from and some bits and bobs. Now onto some pics

This is the capacitor bank, it’s only about 25mm think you it can be laid on it’s side

And here’s a quick mock up of how it will fit, I also need to fit in a small charge only bms and a Bluetooth module for 1 Vesc

Most of the parts will be here Monday/ Tuesday for a final mock up

Build 2 coming soon!


What’s the extra capacitor bank for? (roast me if necessary :grin:)

No roast needed. It’s just for smoothing out extra voltage spikes. I’m kinda paranoid about running 12s on tb vescs so I want to try and do everything to stop them from frying


Dont risk it… Not worth it

Running 12s on tb vescs? I’ve seen lots of threads of people having no issues with 12s so I’m just going to give it a shot

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I’m running a 12s3p on the VESC’s, 6 months not and no worries. One of the things I’ve found that helps is using a liberal throttle cirve so as to not throw too many amps in an instant at them.


Thanks I’ll take it into account, can I change throttle curves with acmaniacs bldc tool?


Yep, you can set brake and throttle curves. I’m out if town right now but I’ll send you a screen shot when I get back home.

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Confused how adding a curve will prevent this. Please share your screenshot when you are back.

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It prevents the delivery if a lot of amps quickly, as in it controls the ramp up.

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Won’t the curve just push this ramp up to a higher throttle level?

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No, it slows the range up hence the delivery of amperage

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Id do atleast 12s2p. More current = more torque. More torque = more speed available

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Keep in mind this is Lipo at 12s1p, so realistic, conservative output, depending an capacity and C rating should easily be at least 50-60+ amps. That threw me for a loop as well. I saw “speed board” and 12s1p and was like whaaat? :thinking: Oh, Lipos. NVM. :nerd_face:




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Haha yeah, I love lipos, super easy to use and can be just as easy to charge as liion by adding a bms. And they are pretty much just as safe.

From personal experience shorting a lipo does not cause it to catch fire, I shorted my first lipo multiple times and all that happened was the nickel strips split and burnt out. I see this as a great safety feature since it stops the short immediately


Thanks this is my first time using vescs and would rather not need to repair them


me two please


Build 2

I have received most of the parts for the second build so I thought I’d start putting that together while I wait for the parts for the other build. This is more of a left over parts build with a few small upgrades.

Parts list: Keda 6364 190kV 5x 2s zippy 5000mah 20c Dual eBay esc (I broke 1 phase lead inside the esc so I’ll be running it in single drive) 10s bms (charge only) Old longboard deck painted matte black Enertion power wheels 83mm China pulley kit (will get welded to the trucks) Paris clone trucks

I think that is most of the parts so it’s time to get building


Please mind the mess, having two board being built at the same time creates so much stuff. I’ll get some more pictures up as I build and should have some pics of the other board tomorrow

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Finished the battery and connecting the bms. The esc is connected up and so is the motor. It’s time to build the enclosure.