Red Samurai GT | Dual HobbySky 6374 190kv | FOCBOX | PsychoTiller 12s4p 30q | Hummies Deck | Evolve Supercarve Trucks | Janux Mounts | Alien Remote |

RED SAMURAI GT 1st (real) build

Part list: Deck: Hummies Deck Enclosure: Psychotiller “Psycho’s Arc v2” Trucks: Evolve Supercarve Motor x 2: Hobboysky 6374 190kv (sensored) Motor Mounts: Janux (Marcmt88) Evolve Black (dual idler) Motor Pulley: 15t (Janux) Wheel Pulley: 36t (Janux Wheels: Boa Constrictor 100mm (Red) Bearings: Bones Reds ESC x2: FOCBOX Battery: Psychotiller 12s4p 30q flatpack Remote: Alien Power Systems Remote (may change to Benchwheel) Bluetooth:

First, thanks to everyone on this forum and in the NYC Eboarding crew for all their help and support thus far. I jumped on my first boosted board back in May (only 4-5 months ago) and loved it. Same as many other builders, the ride was fantastic, but the range and speed left much to be desired. I also picked up a Wowgo Mini for the sole purpose of having a cheap board to modify and play around with to see if I was comfortable taking something like this apart and “building”. The Wowgo mini is now a weird Frankenstein that sits on a 121c Aileron CF deck and Skullboard hubs. It was a fun build, but nowhere near what has been required for this build. However, it did give me some confidence to go ahead and start ordering parts for this build.


I haven’t yet generated a cost breakdown of this board, and will not do so until it’s running satisfactorily and most of the kinks are worked out (this might be a while).


01 02 ^ Boa wheels are like candy. I was hoping for black but I’ve decided to highlight the red in this build. Janux wheel pulleys – I can now see why people want push in Kegel-style pulleys.

0304 ^ The shaft is too long (that’s what she said) and there is not flat spot/keyway. I bought a rotary tool just for this one job alone with hopes that I’ll find use for it later. The pulley cover is also shallow, so I decided to drill a hole so that the shaft can go through (hur hur hur).

05 ^ Test fitting, aligning pulleys, testing mount alignment, etc. The Janux mounts are thick but a little raw. It was a pain in the ass to mount them due to the screw/nut angles.

06 ^ Marked the location where the grub screw needs to bite. Placed the motors plastic bags to suffocate and kill them. Just kidding. Saw that some folks were doing this to keep metal bits out of the motors.

07 ^ Not the best, but functional. I probably should have worn a mask and eye protection, but YOLO or something like that. I used a standard Dremel cutting disc and went nice and slow… was easier than anticipated and cut like butter.

08 09 ^ Drilled a hole for the shaft to go through, ended up being pretty nice and flush. You can see the idler pulleys and the alignment was finally right with both mounts. I’m gonna have to work on the idler pulleys a little since it feels like they’re increasing the level of resistance quite a bit. Note: This shit is heavy as fuck.

10 11 ^ This board is freaking massive with the Evolve trucks. I’m note sure if I like the motors potruding that much from the deck but It might work out if I add AT wheels later on. Grip tape design has yet to be decided, and I don’t want to do that until the end so I don’t tear up my hands and furniture during the build process. Also, a one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan is a terrible place for a workshop.

12 ^ Chopped off the sensor plug from the Hobbysky motor as it wasn’t the right pinout for the FOCBOX. Bought a ton of JST pigtails and soldered the correct ones on both (didn’t take pictures of the soldering).

13 ^ Electronics mocked up. This is gonna be a tight fit and I might have to do some wire chopping to squeeze all the wires in properly. Decided to do CAN instead of split PPM so I can adjust with the ^ ITS ALIIIIIIVEEEEEEE

One thing I need to figure out is programming the FOCBOX. Here is how I have it currently set: Motor max: 60 Motor min: -60 Battery max: 30 Battery min: -8 Absolute max: 130

Minimum input voltage: 8 Maximum input voltage: 57 Battery cutoff start: 36 (3 volts per cell) Battery cutoff end: 33.6 (2.8 volts per cell)

Any tips or red flags here please let me know so I don’t a) die or b) die on fire or c) burn down my building.

Of course the as well as the Xmatic app allow for changing speed/riding profiles so I’d like to have a good grasp of what the settings mean. More reading for me!!

I’m still waiting for threaded inserts to arrive then need to figure out weatherproofing, etc. I have some industrial velcro and some hot glue ready to secure stuff down along with a lot of foam products.

Now to sleep for a bit.


Looking great. Following

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Awesome build! Especially for your first! How was the 12s4p alligned? Are cells laid out in two rows?


Damn beat me to first comment :confused:


Yeah looks like it. I have a 1st gen Hummies deck (lol, I’m expecting @Hummie to have like 10 different models by next year) and the Psychotiller battery fits it nicely. I didn’t have to do any cutting or routing.

The challenge will be mounting the components and fitting all the wiring.

I’m also dreading trying threaded inserts but I gotta learn.

Yeah I was afraid of the mounting too. Good thing @psychotiller is awesome and agreed to mount and route it out for me too. Can’t beat that kind of service. Okay cool just wondering what the options are for placing a battery in there as I can’t get a pacl from Dave as much as I’d want to cause shipping won’t allow it :sob:

What is your total cost van with al shipping etc? Your build looks sick ! Hoe big are boa wheels ?? 90mm?? They look massive!

Gr sam

Reds are 100mm

Don’t know the total cost yet… I’m guessing I’m pushing 1500+ at this point with tools and all.

Boas Constrictors are 100mm.

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I dont wanna know what I’ve spent :see_no_evil:

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If i had to guess for you. $1700+? :zipper_mouth_face:


Yeah, when I calculate cost I’ll look at just parts.

Tools were a bit much but it’s the first build… subsequent builds will be mostly parts.

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I think you’ll be doing yourself a favor and avoid headahes later on with the tools you bought.

I was actually referring to @skunk :laughing: but if i had to guess for you then about $1500 give or take $100?

I’m bad with math so hope I don’t blow myself up building


Looking good Andy! I’m looking forward to future updates and finally the maiden voyage!


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Great first build man. really good stuff. The way you went about the process is spot on. Get a prebuilt…get something else, change it, upgrade it then build what you now know you want. Best way for people to get into building period.

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That’s a sexy build! Following!

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image ^Inserts came in from Amazon… these are just “ok”. Recommended drill hole diameter was 1/4", but that was too small and I lost the knife threads on one of the inserts. In another one the bolt got stuck. But I just needed 8 anyway.

image ^The painter’s tape helped keep the deck from splitting/splintering too much. It also helped keep me visualize where the enclosure was supposed to be when I drilled each hole.

image ^Used a Sharpie to mark the outlines of the enclosure. Took a while since this was my first time. I’m sure next time this will be much easier.

image ^Red hardware just like everyone else.

image ^Happy with the result. Next time I might try to add wood glue or epoxy, but this seems like it’s pretty decent.

image ^Was gonna mount the components to the deck, however I got the wrong fucking velcro. Ordering off Amazon and going to bed.

Ugh. So close. Gotta reprogram the Focboxes (motor detection) since I keep disconnecting everything. I better disconnect the CAN cable before I blow something up.

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I made a huge mess. I’m glad I live alone.


Its a huge mess and the only thing clean and isn’t a mess is the board. Signs of a well executed build lol

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