Remote that alows wearing sliding pucks

Hey guys. So I have put well over 1000km on E-boards so far. Even my latest board the raptor has over 600km on it. So since I come from a freeride/downhill background having your palm on the ground in turns at higher speeds feels natural to me. So I am asking you guys if anyone had the same problem and if anyone came up with a solution. So far all my ideas arent working.

Ps: I am a cautious man and only drive like this when the situation allows it.

Same background and same problem here :smiley: I had some ideas, but at the moment I lack of time. I’m sure @chaka is working on a puck controller for sliding.

Inboard has something like this where you can spread your fingers and that silicone tail will be secure against the back of your hand. That’s the only thing I can think of.

These guys have a good idea.

Just needs some replaceable slide material on the bottom.

I don’t slide, but have found slide gloves work better for me than wrist guards. On the luckily few occasions that i’ve went down skating, i pretty consistently first impact the heel of my palm and then roll. Wrist guards do the best job for me to absorb that impact, but they are a pain to wear - can’t wear a watch under them, and cover a lot of the forearm so are hot/sweaty. (getting to my point slowly - sorry). So gloves are more likely to be worn even if slightly less protection than the wrist guards.

I got a set of holesom cords gloves and am able to place the slide pucks a little low on the heel of my palm allowing me to grip my remote easily at the same time. I’m not sure if the placement would work for your use, actually sliding on them at the same time?

I might also look at @FLATLINEcustoms “mad munkey” GT2b enclosure - as it has a nice flat surface on the side of the Tx that could attach a slide puck to? Even drilling out some holes to access the controls i think would work. his enclosure:

You could just hold the remote in your back hand and wear a single slide glove on your front hand. Could easily throw a heelside pendy (aka, Coleman)


You could also hack appart a gt2b and use a 5k flex potentiometer tied to one of your fingers:

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I attached a retractable key ring to my remote. I just let go of the remote when I need to use my hand :slight_smile:


Are all the slide pucks the same size? I am sure they aren’t just haven’t ever used or seen one.

no you get them in various shapes, sizes and form.

intresting. Will investigate further, thx man !

true, but i have the habit of grabing the board with the other hand.

Cool idea!

One tip though,., Move your puck down. It should be centered on the base of your wrist, such that it’s inline with your forearm when your glove is on the ground. This promotes even wear… and as a side benefit, it will make it easier to hold your remote

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Not sure if this is possible, and maybe not worth pursuing, but if someone was quite serious about this, they can make a gt2b mod that fits around a slide puck, slips onto the hand like yours, and made from thick enough plastic that a few scrapes from the ground won’t hurt

When i took a dive last month, remote in hand, my PLA 3d printed enclosure just got a few scuffs and it was the first thing to hit the pavement.

I use my GT2B as a sliding puck.

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The vibration will kill the gt2b too fast if the puck is attached directly to it. Im planning a rectangle puck velcro strapped tp the wrist that extends to cover the remote in my palm, but not longer than my knuckles so that i can reach past the puck for a board grab still holding the remote. Soft foam as a palm rest too. If i ever get time.

That sounds perfect!

Reviving this old thread since I hijacked another thread with slide puck talk. I’m awaiting getting a Raptor 2, but really want to have the option to use a slide puck on my remote hand. Looks like there are a few options here and then someone pointed out one on the Carvon website:

I’m still not sold on this answer. Ideally, I’d like to take a standard remote and put a screw input (like on the bottom of a camera) on the bottom of it. Then use a slide puck mounted on a screw to attach to the bottom of it. I’d have to change my slide technique to be the bottom of my fist rather than the palm of my hand, but it seems like the best combination of maintaining remote function and usability of the slide puck.

Someone mentioned that the vibration of the puck will create issues when connected directly to the remote. Anyone have more details on this? Also interested in other solutions out there.


Here’s my solution thus far…

I bought some half-finger tactical/moto gloves, and made just one of the them into a slide glove. I ride regular, so my left hand has the slide puck, and then I can do a 1-handed heelside pendulum slide (aka Coleman slide) if needed. I hold the remote in my right hand (no puck)

No loss of mobility. I can take my entire drivetrain apart without taking off the gloves (even with the puck)

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