Remotes, commercially available options

So I’ve bought a few remotes over the last few months. Not all of the available options, but quit a few. I figured I’d give my impressions for any new people. Just to be clear, these are are ONLY the remotes I have used and liks to where I got them. There are multiple sources for many of these, I linked where I got them. I also want to mention that I am partial to thumb trigger remotes, they feel more natural to me and they tend to be smaller than the other options.

Miami Electric Boards Remote (Benchwheel)

This is my favorite remote by far. It has a really good battery, the thumb trigger is very responsive and has a lot of travel. It has a great battery, I charge it once a week. I don’t know how tough it is, I’ve never dropped it or spilled with it. I think there is some sort of ramp limiting built into the receiver, but if there’s not I don’t know how to explain the beauty that is the throttle control in this remote.

This remote has a Cruise and a Full mode. I typically use Cruise mode as it lengthens the ramp up.

The white labels you see on the sides are mine, they do not come on the remote.

Benchwheel Remote & Receiver

This is the same remote as above, just a few bucks cheaper and takes a month or longer to get. It performs the same as above. The only visual difference is this one has a set of printed labels by lights. The receivers are almost identical, the MEB RX is about 1/8 in longer.

I would suggest that if you are going to by a Benchwheel remote, by the MEB remote and support one of the few vendors in this community. If you purchase this one make sure you select the item with the receiver, you can buy only the remote or the remote & receiver.

Enertion Nano-X

I really like this remote, it performs very well. The trigger is very responsive and has very little dead range in it. It has a really good battery, I think a charge once a week is likely all it needs. It feels tough, I’ve dropped it a couple of times and it hasn’t hurt it yet…

It has a beginner mode (the switch just below the thumb trigger, up position), I normally use it, then just switch it off when I want to go fast or stop quickly. It has a CH2 switch (bottom front), but I havent tried it yet. I will eventually when I settle on the front lights I want. It also has a “Throttle Mirror Mode” which is used to reverse the Throttle/Brake on the thumb trigger. Its very feature rich, the most feature rich of all the remotes I have used.

The first time I connected Enertion Nano-X and had binding issues. I moved the RX away from the VESC and issues are gone. I don’t know if that’s because of proximity to the VESC or if the connector cable needs to be straight (looped wire, induction effect?). I’ve turned it ON/OFF over a dozen times, no issues at all.

[TorqueBoards 2.4ghz Nano Remote Controller] (diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/torqueboards-2-4ghz-nano-remote-controller/) (Winning)

A lot of people have had issues with cut outs, I haven’t, but I am still not a fan of this remote. It’s so small that the trigger has too little travel. It has a great battery and feels really good in my hand, but the travel makes its unattractive to me.

GT2B with Master Cho enclosure

I really like this remote, it performs well and it cheap at less than $30. The enclosure adds $25, but its well worth it and there are multiple enclosure designs available. The trigger is very responsive and has very little dead range in it. It is a great remote for people that don’t mind the size. It has a really good battery, I charge it maybe once a week. It’s tough too, although that it mostly the Master Cho enclosure being tough as nails.

In closing, I think the Enertion Nano-X and the MEB Remote are tied for the ‘Best Remote’. I really like the feel of the MEB/Benchwheel remote the best, but its not much better. The features of the Enertion Nano-X are pretty sweet. Both have triggers that are smooth as butter and both are pretty inexpensive.


@mmaner how works the cruise control in Benchwheel remote controller? is the red button on the top?

I wasn’t aware the Benchwheel remote had cruise control. If it does I cant find any mention in the manual nor have I been able to guess how it works.

To the best of my knowledge, there’s no cruise control on the Benchwheel. The red button is the power button. I’ve had a few different remotes as well and so far the Benchwheel tops my list.

Have you tested the mini remote? That one seems to be one of the best remotes out there.

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I’ve never tried that one and didn’t really consider it cause it seemed so big, but after seeing a picture somewhere (could find it after searching) it’s actually not much bigger than something like a Badwolf. I’ve also heard good things about its reliability.

I’ve heard bad things about almost every remote on the market but this and the Boosted remote

GT2B vs Mini remote size

My favourite controller right now is the Mini controller but i’m waiting for a benchwheel controller to give it a try :slight_smile:

The button on the benchwheel is to power on and change speed modes.

I am partial to the thumb trigger remotes. It’s easier for me to control at high speeds. I like GT2B a lot, but the Benchwheel beets it hands down.

I’m looking forward to trying g the Enertion Nano-X.

I updated the initial post with my impressions of the Nano-X and pics. Yell if there’s not something there that should be, I’ll try and get it.

Cool topic. I actually think this should be ‘‘pinned’’ somewhere, for beginners to read :slight_smile: Would be great to find out more about beginner and ‘‘expert / pro’’ mode of the benchweel remote…

@mmaner Like - how much slower/peaceful is the beginner mode compared to the pro mode?

I assume beginner mode is more limited… while pro is just the way it is (not restriction)

Regarding th Benchwheel remote…Technically it lowers the ramp to 70%, but I don’t really see a difference in top speed. So in short I don’t really know. I’ll measure the total throughout with the BLDC tool torrow and post the results.

If anyone wants info on other remotes send it to me and I’ll post it at the top. I might even get one to try for myself.

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I personally got that mini remote which @tueboard seems to be using now and @Eboosted mentioned.

Reliable. Batteries (2xAA) last a long time. Trigger works good although I extended its play a bit by allowing it to move farther than the stock trigger end walls allowed. Turn on switch could have been bigger.Hard to turn on or off with a glove on a hand lol.

Besides that I plan to perhaps mod it - make diy beginner mode by adding resistors (saw this recently on another thread)

Which remote has a cruise control? Can the mini remote from torqueboards be configured to have cruise control?

No you can’t. Sometimes I change the throttle trim when I’m cruising near shops and it is kind of cruise control. But you can’t get more than 5kmh with it

ok, I’m looking for an alternative to the nunchuck. right now, the only thing I like about it is the cruise control button. but the signal keeps dropping so looking at the mini remote. what alternative remote has cruise control option that has reliable signal and connection?

I’m pretty sure with the @Ackmaniac firmware you can have cruise control on the mini remote

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The mini remote is perfect for cruise control. That’s what i am using. Just handle the throttle with the middle finger and the steering wheel with the finger between the middle finger and the thumb (no idea how you call in english, let’s say cruise finger :joy:) Or you can also use the thumb to activate cruise.


@Ackmaniac The word you’re looking for is the index finger :grinning:

Please explain a bit more about cruise control. It’s kind of hard to see what you are doing in the video.