Replacing motors on benchwheel - Anything i should read first?

i where a little confused if i should post this on prebuilt sub or this one, but since it is going to become a custom build i thought this where the right place to ask.

Anyways, my benchwheel broke after only 5 days of use, so i decided to take it apart and replace the broken motor.

i was thinking that my battery, esc and rest of current setup should be able to support a new engine around 1800-2000w 200kv (Less than 50mm). But i actually never have done anything like this before so i was hoping to get some headsup before i mess up.

I am only going to replace the right engine at first, see how well it goes, and if evrything goes fine i will do a remake later.

Please give me any headsup i should take note of before i get going :slight_smile: Thanks

the motors are 280kv 5065 motors. Just make sure you get a motor with the correct hole pattern

Wow. Thanks. How do i know about the holes ? I mean, 5065 means 50mm in diameter and 65mm length right ? And how did you know about the kv ?

I assume holes follow a standard pattern depending on diameter and mabey length ?

Yea different motors may have different distances for their mounting holes, just make sure the replacement is the same. I know about the kv from benchwheel themselves.

cool.thanks. a lot

Benchwheel actually says 270Kv for motors for the dual. Look at motorsection here:

Okay thanks. Update on the Benchwheel. The 1 motor is causing so much trouble now. Damn, i strongly advice NOBODY to spend 600-700 USD on this piece of shit.

I havent even had it for 1 month.


Replacing the engine/motor should hust be a plug and play kinda thing ? I dont need to setup the voltage or anything in the esc right ?

Besides. There is somthing i dont quite get.

How come i see serval single motor setup going 20mph with somthing like 1600W / 270 KV motors

While this board with 2x 1800 270 kv engines barely go 15MPH ?

Should i assume the promised engine spec’s are fakes ?

I was considering going with this engine

Since i cant find anything “Stronger”, but it seems to be weaker on the paper than my current one. But if anyone in here got some inputs feel free to share :slight_smile:

same motorfault issue here, keep me posted.

It has to do with several things.

A 270kv motor is not that strong, a 200kv motor is a lot stronger. But a 270kv motor spins faster at the same voltage, but with less force, so to get the board to go uphill etc, they designed it to be less fast.

1, It has a 6s battery, faster boards usually have 10 or 12s, a lot more voltage to the motors. 2, 16>46 gears, most diy-boards have 15/16>36teeth on the gears, aka faster. 3, not verified not i think its electronally limited, i remeber reading something about max 17Mph is the law in china for these.

So try to find a motor that is around 270 like the original. I am thinking buying 320kv turnigy, is that compatible? wont be burned of the heavy load? 8kg+80kg

(this would be 2nd motor on it, next to the original275kv)

Be careful you don’t strip the grub screws. They’re thread locked. I broke two allen keys trying to unmount one of the motor mounts. Now it’s stripped and I can’t get my second motor off.

The motors are 270kv. But it seems slower because the gear ratio of the pulleys are built for torque, I think it’s 12 to 46 or something when I counted. Most builds are like 10-15 to 30-35 on this forum.

I counted 16x48 holes

So, things took a step back due to work and such. But i have allmost collected all the stuff i need for this replacement.

Only thing i need to know.

When i look at the motor i found, it has a 8mm shaft. Is that equivalent to the pulley with “8mm bore” ?

yep 10 chars

just letting you know, you’re in the EXACT same boat as i was. got a benchwheel, thought i was hot stuff, then it broke after about a month. had the grand plan to selectively replace parts to save money.

what wound up happening is i just build a brand new board from scratch after trying for a while.

for one, the battery pack on the benchwheel is 6s4p. you’re going to want more power very quickly.

the esc and bms are kind of part of the same pcb. found out on my the esc was malfunctioning, in addition to the motor burning out, but couldn’t do anything about it since everything’s bespoke and integrated.

anyway, wish you best of luck on repairing, i’m curious to see how it goes.

woa. Thanks for letting me know. I kinda think i need to replace it all in time. But atm i have my car and i use it for my daily travel, the board is only for 1 year ahead when i need to go back to uni and study, but for now i think i will start with a motor and see whats the next thing.

How did you figure out the esc was malfunctioning ?

Connected another, good motor to it and one side wasnt working.

that could actually maybe explain why the one motor faulted ? I mean, its kinda stuck. as if the motor messed up in the magnetic field.

It dosent feel like somthing is stuck inside the motor, more like it has jammed by itself.

could be i should look into creating my own setup.