Reshaped MBS Comp95 - Matrix II Metal - 12S5P - Dual 6374 170KV - Unity - Build Log


Thought I would share my build log as I almost received all the parts.

Part list for now:

  • Unity FOCBOX
  • Dual 6374 170KV
  • MBS comp95 deck (will be reshaped and painted)
  • MBS Metal Matrix II
  • MBS Roadie tires + MBS hubs
  • Unikboard Mount
  • 66T Wheel pulley (Unikboard )
  • 15t drive pulley
  • Ebooster Enclosure
  • 12S5P ultra-flexible battery made by @hyperIon2

This thread is for me to keep a record of the modification and the parts I used but also to maybe help someone that will do a similar build in the future. As I Want to modify the deck I also wanted to have feedback from people (thread here) having reshaped an MBS board and provide also my feedbacks on the modification I will apply to the board.


First of, the reshape.

What I wanted is to modify the nose and tail of the deck and remove some material.


I started the process by creating a CAD draw of the new shape I wanted based on the measurements of the trucks holes and the actual Comp 95 deck. 2019-04-21%2000_49_15-Window

Then I printed the draw, cut the shape and used a spray adhesive to position it on the deck.


I used the paper template to cut the shape I wanted


and then sanded the sides and the graphics on the deck


et voila, board is ready! @TheMrLarin just had to sand it I think it was a different graphic than in your setup as it was removed very easily with a basic sander.


@MBS Anything wrong so far with the deck ?? :thinking:

Next step is to coat the deck with a varnish or laque and apply a coat of rubber / soft plastic on the deck to reduce vibration and have a mat / black textured finish.


What do you guys recommend for protecting the wood/layers of the deck before to coat it with a rubber like product ?

i have seen people have issues with a unity for a mtb build. they just dont have the ability to put out enough current.

I am actually doing a Lacroix like setup more than a pure AT build. LaCroix use now the Unity so not sure where this feedback came from on your side but I have not heard the same ring bells on my side. Especially because one of the guy that helped from Enertion that have tested the Unity is here in Montreal and particularly recommended the Unity for my e-MTB build. That said, I have not tested it yet but will definitely provide feedbacks on my own.

Unity should be fine, it’s rated up to 160A in total, and the 12s5p battery won’t give out more than 100A anyway.


damn love this… wish I had the skills to make those mods on my DWII

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…Looking good to me.


Who? does have issue with the unity for a mtb @Dirt_Bag

I‘m really interested who are this people. Haven’t seen them on here. I would be also interested what setup they run that it is like this. Where they mount the unity etc.

I‘m not pro unity for mtb, just curious. If you install a focbox right you can run 100-150a bat max instead of 60a. I think there is a option for the unity as well to run higher currents.

I will try and dig up the thread and get back to you. People were having issues with its maximum rating. They use 14 awg wire for phase wires… and 12awg with an xt60 for the battery. That right there is a massive red flag imo. An xt60 will handle can just barely handle 60a. At 12s voltage that will turn into one big yellow fuse.

Edit: the unity official thread is thousands of comments long, i will, try and dig through it tomorrow morning.

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I‘m with you and would like to see 10awg on the main leads and a xt90 plus 12awg on the phase wires as well, but to look on the facts a xt60 can handle 180a for 10s wired on 12awg without to meld away. That’s pretty a lot. If to look on the fact that many use a 80-100a bms on mtbs as well I would assume that the bms would cut out before reaching this and as long as you don’t build a massive long hill climb board that should be more than enough.

I just think it’s not right to directly say it would be the wrong choice. If people into hardcore off roading they would anyway rather look into Controller like a the original vesc 6 or the maytech 200a vesc6.

The definition of off-road for most people here is more or less to be able to shred on some gravel or grass and in this case you will likely draw not more than 80-100a for one two seconds anyway. So a unity should handle that even with the stock configuration.

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Hey @Dirt_Bag I really appreciate your concern related to the unity and thanks @Andy87 for adding your expertise on the topic but I don’t want to host a debate on the unity. I am more interested in having feedbacks for the mods, or this specific setup configuration. I will definitely provide feedbacks once I start playing with the board and then we could discuss the result with pleasure but until now I would maybe recommend to start a new thread like “Unity: goor for e-MTB or not??”. I would be happy to follow and participate. Thoughts ??

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Sorry for the off topic! Just let’s get back to your project! Very interested in how everything turns out with your deck.

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Not really off topic as I have a Unity and gather feedback for my setup. your comments have been on point and very clear and really appreciate it. I think it’s very interesting to continue general discussion like UNITY NOT GOOD FOR E-MTB somewhere else and have other feedbacks and compare results and so on. but maybe a dedicated thread would be perfect for this purpose

There is the unity offical and unity service thread already. I think people can get there all information they need. No need to start a new one. Especially as I can’t speak out of personal experience with the unity. What I have is personal experience in what I and the average mtb user draw during riding and i don’t think that the unity or a xt60 would have big issues to handle that for most of us. I might get a unity just to try it out by my own. If I do so I will also provide data logs which proof how much current really was drawn and not only threw a not fact based statement into the room.

Look if you plan to use a 12s5p pack with 18650 of lets say vtc5a, your battery can provide max 125a continues which means you will set your esc up to this limit, which again means that you will not have any issues with your cables or connectors…at this point to say that esc x or esc y is bad and cause problems is just not right. You always need to see the full system and what the individual person want to achieve with the combination of parts.

With this said I hope we can get back to the original topic.

If you in a later point have some questions about this we can come back to it without problems.

Good point, what about the UNITY in THIS setup.

Here is the spec of my battery: 12S5P SAMSUNG 30Q BATTERY PACK, BESTECH BMS IMG_20190422_102644

I will use these motors: Maytech 6374 170kv Sealed version

I have two possible setup for the pulleys 66t/15t or 72t/15t and plan to use both.


Who? If you’re going to make blanket statements like that it’s irresponsible not the site sources.

Yea use xt 90s min

30q can give you 20a per cell so 100a continues and should work nicely together with the unity. 5p might sag if you enter hard terrain but as you choose a under board tray for your battery I assume that you anyhow just want to be able to run over fields, gravel and light terrain, so all should be fine than. You choose good motors with a good kV and the 15/72 gearing should give you also a nice combination of speed and torque.

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@hyperIon2 the baterry also came with XT60, what is your thoughts on this comment?