Reshaped MBS Comp95 - Matrix II Metal - 12S5P - Dual 6374 170KV - Unity - Build Log

I over engineered my builds then no issues. Use xt90s allround Vesc6 E-toxx heli gears 6384s APS but changing out to 6880s sealed by maytech they have better bearings and don’t have to worry about a bit of rain/water

thanks @Andy87 that is exactly what I want to do: shred in the city, use my setup to commute, and occasionally in the parks (bike trails mostly). When I ride in groups, we ride with a majority with dudes with no AT capabilities so never off-road :slight_smile:

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Before that get into the wrong direction again… Let’s all watch that video

@hyperIon1 is not the only person using xt60 on low P group packs. Nothing to worry about. If you would have a 10p pack and would want to use it’s full capacity of discharge current the situation would be different.


your comments and the video have been very useful information, thanks @Andy87!

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Gravel guard? Its a kind of bedliner / car under carriage protector. It’s mat and really textured… really cheap too.

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Double checked, it will be 15/66t as I have the adapted belts only for this gearing currently. Completely forgot to buy longer belts for the bigger 72t pulley :frowning: Will do in the future for sure

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@MBS Might be a dumb question but I have my hubs and the bearings but I can’t find spacers in my package. I had spacers in my previous setup (Trampa Hypa Hubs). Is it something missing or it’s normal on an MBS board? (I bought a MBS Comp95 Board) IMG_20190422_182633

the intended use will always determine what you should use. If your system is capable of high amp discharge than T90 are your game, lower amp systems are fine on the T60. Also what the pack is capable of isn’t always what it does. As the amps grow so will the hardware needed to handle it.

This is one of the reasons we ask what your building and what you wish to achieve with the pack.

We are starting to build higher amp packs and this will need to be accommodated not only with wire and connector size, but also heat, and the ventilation of the enclosure. Using Samsung 30T or Sanyo 20700c 35a cells will change the game on how we build brick packs and some double stacked packs. the segmented enclosures are great for dealing with heat simply because of its spread apart.

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Don’t worry @PEX i was running 15/66 @170kV for a while as well. You just a bit faster and acceleration a bit less but non the less a lot of fun. Maybe it’s even what you looking for. That’s what you will find out soon by your own.

Oh and as far as i know the mbs wheels always come without spacer. They didn’t use spacer till now but might change that in future.

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What was the cost of the battery and where did you get it

The battery was made by @hyperIon1/@hyperIon2, contact them for a price :slight_smile:

Inspired by @Koringer I have been working on custom 3D printed extensions while waiting for my enclosure. I had to make it specific for the shape but it could be adapted to any shape on a comp95 with modifications.

I used Black TPU (from, 90A) to be able to follow the curves and concave of the MBS deck. Then Epoxy-ed the extensions to fix the extensions to the board. Note that the extensions are not adding more concave to the deck, it’s just extending the deck itself that is already concave.

I personnaly find the result so far to be really nice and very comfortable.

IMG_20190505_075355%20-%20Copy IMG_20190505_003745%20-%20Copy IMG_20190505_075346%20-%20Copy

I now have to sand the Epoxy that is in excess on the board and then add more to fill up the hollows, crevices and holes and sand it again.

Stay tuned!


I like it ! Well done :+1:


Hello Guys, I had some issues fitting the battery in the eboosted enclosure so I designed one specific for my battery and the deck. I design multiple parts that I printed in PETG for the body, TPU for the joints and PLA + for the ends. I used a flexible Epoxy for the assembly and I am pretty impressed with the results. I am planning to fix the electronics and battery to the deck with industrial velcro and anti-vibration foam I used in 450mm quadcopters to hold up batteries back in the time. the enclosure will only be used as a protective shell.

IMG_20190525_170210 IMG_20190525_170217 IMG_20190526_092754 IMG_20190601_201319 IMG_20190601_201325 IMG_20190601_201333



I hjave been busy finishing my board and I finally completed the setup last weekend! I used high quality velcro to fix all the components to the deck, and then just added the enclosure as a shell with a rubber band and some screws.

I also added a 3d concave shape under my feet to compensate the curvature of the deck on the side of my feet and for more confort

I used a Truck bed liner after painting the enclosure with a black primer and the texture is very nice but a bit bulky. the liner is very resistant tho.

Pretty happy with the result!

IMG_20190609_114435 IMG_20190609_135528 IMG_20190609_135546 IMG_20190609_152216 IMG_20190609_152221 IMG_20190609_152233 IMG_20190609_152446


The Unity does not have BLDC, only FOC.

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Thanks man

excellent work man


thanks @hyperIon1! what do you think about the enclosure? do you want the STL for your batteries?