REVIEW and EU/USA GROUP BUY - 90mm MAD Hub motors 75Kv or 130Kv - Dual 170 Euro. 1st round Closed_ Working on the DD conversion Kit_Mad Fury

With 12s you will get 45kmh for sure also with the 75Kv. I would think about it

Ok, how long this GB will be open? Those hubs look very similar to Exway or I’m totally wrong?

They are the same if torqueboard hubs products/torque-dual-hub-motor-kit It’s open until I make the review and then I asked everyone to confirm and wait max two weeks and place the order. If we do not reach the 10 sets I will ask a new offer. I think it will increase of 5 10 euro max I opened before because I wanted to let the dudes know how the hubs perform before purchase them :laughing:

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Yes i have seen and I like the performance with 12s. If the take off torque with 130 is good enough according to your words I rather would drive only with 60% throttle but some headroom with the speed.

The take off is good. The diyeboard has more kick due to the lower Kv in the first 10 meter but then bye bye… Really bye bye. Although I would like to know the 75Kv of those things. If you see the video you see the belt drive in front the first meters, same things. Basically they pull strong until 15kmh then you feel like a kick and they really reach 50kmh in 30meter. 40kmh you don’t even realized. Maybe too much.

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Maybe I need two sets? :thinking: …vesc6 i have soon enough :joy::see_no_evil: Can you recommend some 90mm wheels?

I used the clone abec. I know are not the best but they work. Otherwise the original one. I am also thinking at another set :joy:

My problem that the winter is coming soon and in Russia the wet windy weather…guess better to go with my mountain board than. But i‘m In for one set of 130kV for sure. Will fill out the form when i‘m out of the plane and have normal WiFi again

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Sure no problem. Yeh in Belgium the winter is rainy as hell. I don’t plan to use it that much anyway.

Those should fit right?,searchweb201602_5_10152_10151_10065_10344_10068_10342_10343_10340_10341_312_10696_5013115_10084_10083_10618_10304_10307_10820_10301_10821_10843_10059_100031_5013415_5013215_10103_5013315_10624_10623_10622_10621_10620_528,searchweb201603_6,ppcSwitch_4&algo_expid=aa2c2dba-7524-40ca-830a-7cd6ecef747f-33&algo_pvid=aa2c2dba-7524-40ca-830a-7cd6ecef747f&priceBeautifyAB=0 or maybe you can have different colour?

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Read the first post. 10 euro spare urethane only black available. The one you posted seem similar but I am not sure. I would guess they are the same but who knows

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Could you try them on hills? I am worried that heavier riders like me, 90kg, could have problems on hills with 110kv. You will see with the Vesc 6 variant your board will perform in a completely different way.

I have tried them on hills. I climb 3 hills along the road I do every day to work. The steepest hill is probably 15-20 degree, not sure they are almost the same. Picturse1 Maybe from the picture is not clear but most of the people get off the bike and do it by foot. I do it by bike but believe me that was one of the reason why I opted for an electric skateboard. Every morning, after breakfast and cold muscles is a nightmare. Anyhow. with backpack I am around 84-86 kg so not that far, and I can go up these hills easy. I do not feel the motor suffering. As I said the range where these motor are less efficient than the diyeboard 75Kv is from 0 to 10. There you can have almost the same torque but you have to pull a lot the throttle and by doing so dealing with high peak current, so nice battery and nice vesc needed. IF you have a minimum on momentum before take the hills, like 5kmh you can accellerate easy on the slope and reach higher speed than the 75Kv. It’s really for the first 5-10kmh that they pull more, but not a lot, becuase the diyeboard I used to go full throttle immidiately after take off, this one I prefer to give them 5 kmh more. You feel that there is more juice available, if that makes sense. Anyhow on the other hills that are like 5-10 degree, so slightly incline I went up easy at 40-45kmh. Too make it short, below 5-10kmh these hub motor 130Kv (110Kv) are lees efficient than 75Kv, which is normal, but afterwards they fly. I would really like to try the 75Kv ones. I knew only few people that used them on the forum, probably due to the price and the one that wrote in this thread use them with a ESC so the power is limited, but the top speed he gets is 36-37kmh telling me that they are probably 65Kv in reality.


Thanks for your detailed reply, waiting for the full review! There are so many exiting things to buy at the moment… Don´t really know where to start. Hubs or Unity, maybe dual Vesc 6 clone or maybe Hubs, a new battery… you get the point.


I know I know…hard life :laughing:

Anyhow with this setting the vesc run way cooler, but you loose a bit of peak current, meaning torque. Still enjoyable and plenty of speed though. vescmonitor

You also run ackmaniac on your focbox? Maybe you can adjust the throttle curve to get more start up torque? :thinking:

Yes I actually used before to lowered with the nano X. Now I am using the firefly remote Arduino based and it has a lot more of throttle control. So I do not need to lower the throttle curve. Although in this case can be that I will increase it a bit, but with this remote you only need to pull the throttle a bit further to have the same power, that’s it. On the other hand you have a lot more overall control.

The firefly…have all parts for two remotes at home but till now no time to put it together. Do you use only cables to connect all parts or did you order a pcb for your remotes?

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Only cables. Old fashion

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