Review my TEEMO BOARD only IF you have a high YouTube subscriber count


i’ll test the teemo 2 if it’s free to me

can make a youtube video too

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Same here, already doing same with one other might compare both

Well, please send your email, I’ll contact you by email.

shoot me an email at [email protected]

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I can test out some boards if its free ofc :grin:

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Sames if it’s free

please send your email!TKS。

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sent you an email back!

Im down to review Teemo 2, if its free!

Am going to say this I bet it’s going to be straight cancer , annoying to ride and just gana want to kms ,like TEEMO (ignore all this it’s a league of legends joke) you should have named it hec or singed board man those specs look nice, I don’t see why you would name it something from hell that every person wants to kill lol


I am a rider based in Boston MA. if you would like someone to truly test your board and push it to its limits, send one to me. I will give a no BS opinion on the board. I have ridden the high end boards (boosted) along with boards similar to this one (meepo) and am currently testing the Landwheel L3-X. I know a good board when I ride it, and I can give you detailed and constructive feedback. Message me if you are interested. Thanks

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Looks like a meepo like board. Same hardware ? If yes, doubting about specs.

I could help you test it I live in an old town that has tons of different roads to test it on there are newer roads, older roads, gravel roads, and just beat down roads it would truly test its ability.:slight_smile: I have road a few boards to compare it to. Kind of broke tho. If you want you can reach me at [email protected]

I could give you board a true flat out test as I have a start road with a bike lane and it is newer pavement I think only 1 and a half years old. I also have some roads in my town that are in very bad shape so I could test the toughness of your board and post it to youtube.

Not enough mushrooms


If you want someone from Europe, I am up g5o the task, from Spain.

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28mph? Noobs gonna street their face. Not good. Raise the price, or limit top speed.


LOL maybe noob should do a little reading and decide for himself.

@teem i’ll give a teemo 2 a serious run if you like.


Noob would become STREET MEAT :joy: :joy: