Ride Riptide = DIYeboards?

Just learned that riptide buys all of their stuff from www.diyeboard.com I paid over $700 for a smaller battery and esc capacity when I could have just bought the e-board kit with a larger capacity and voltage battery for $440. Literally all you would need to do is upgrade the wheels and get a similar board.

Bingo you have riptide…


I haven’t even received the board yet and i’m debating on returning it. Maybe ill use their existing motors, trucks, drive chain, deck and enclosure then change out for a better VESC and put lipos on it.

Anyone wanna place bets for how long till this gets locked?

Edit: And i mean, you didn’t get rip-off per say, you just didn’t do your research , finding either this forum or the subreddit would’ve eventually allotted you to find DIYEboard.com and the kits that are available.

look at the bright side, at least you get an American representative warranty and the deck!


Wanna learn a better ones… FabTrav board is also made by diyeboard



Welcome to the forum.

I would say 90% of the people here already knows that because some of us purchase parts from them.

If you plan to stay in this forum, please understand that we have a general rule against “Vendor Bashing”


funny how he kinda owned up to it recently after all the comments, but now he says the insides are totally different


So… It is made by the same shop… You wanna bet that he got the same deal as Eric… he is probably only the face of a company like Zboard that own riptide

Isn’t it Shreadlights (well not anymore) not Zboard that owns riptide

Nha shred light is a front :wink:

Edit: why do you think Eric got off…

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As a side note, Eric from ShredLights is no longer affiliated with Riptide the eSk8 company

Edit: we were all typing at the same time lol


I knew that they “shared the same network” at one point for their kickstarter

no no no… according to him, he has his “own” factory in China…not the same. lol

For a Sweden company it is kinda weird that the web site is host by godaddy USA same as Riptide and ZBoard



it’s a Swiss company

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It’s no point to compare which company host website, a lot of clients from europe buy domains from godaddy and name.com and etc websites :wink: Plus it has whois protection

Sorry… My bad… but still it should at leat be host in Godaddy UK


I feel like an idiot now. Might not even open this board. Send back ASAP. BUT I do want to change the esc and battery. Maybe I can get the motors to work for me. I bet some lipose and 2 vescs will make this thing fly like it should.

He is just a blatant Liar, maybe Trump’s son… I told him he couldn’t say he designed everything, because it was false. He answered my comment saying the cells on the battery are different so it’s not the same board LMAOOOO

The guy thinks gold trucks will make the board desirable… The sad truth is that his followers will buy anyway …


IMO he left because the issues they had were too much and instead of Stopping the sale of the boards he bounced to “concentrate on Shredlights” and just take in the profits as an investor. :slight_smile: You can find that quote of why he left somewhere in Reddit btw.

yeah. maybe the first company to use harvested laptop cells?


Well… I have to agree with him on that… “Green for the Money, GOLD for the honey”

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