Rookie Cutter 🍪 Caliber II 40 | SK3 190KV | 10S1P 5Ah LiPo | Balance Only BMS Charging | 3D Printed Enclosure

Welcome to my Australian winter-time ESK8 project :snowflake:

Designed to turn rookies (like myself) into a reasonable cookies :cookie:

Decorated in a safety orange and white colour scheme and built upon a 40.5" downhill longboard deck, Rookie Cutter is my first attempt at a fast and flexible cruiser.

Parts spreadsheet

:hammer_and_wrench: Hardware

Colour: Silver°-Longboard/dp/B00NY4273C Colour: Orange :gear: Drive Train :electric_plug: Electronics 2x :printer: 3D Printed
  • XT90 Anti Spark Connectors
  • XT90 Male and Female Plugs
  • XT90 Y Harness Series
  • Silicon Wire
  • 2x JST-XH 6S Wires
  • Voltage Checker
  • Battery LCD
  • DC Socket
  • Bluetooth Module

This build comes to a total of $621.53 AUD. For a cost breakdown please see above spreadsheet.



Drafting the electronics setup while the last few parts roll in…


Looks good, I live in Aus too and I can highly recommend either 97mm wheels or genuine flywheels. I don’t know if it’s everywhere but the road where I live are pretty chunky and my 83mm wheels make my feet a bit sore after a while. If you don’t already have them get 97mm at least

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I found a lot of larger and genuine wheels to be fairly pricey at above the $130 locally, hence why I picked up a cheap pair with my trucks from Amazon US. How much did you pick yours up for?

I managed to get a set of 97mm clones on eBay for $60 from a forum member @dickyho

Yeah genuine wheels are bloody expensive, I think I might get a used set on here

I contemplated buying Evolve’s GT wheels but I’m not sure about their quality to price :tipping_hand_man:

Yep exactly the same here, I’ve heard they chunk a lot. Although that’s kinda good because used sets can be picked up on here for about $30

Artboard%201%404x A clearer diagram of my balance only BMS charging setup. Took @Jinra 's advice on the matter and brought the LCD monitor electrically closer. Could someone help verify my diagram?


Fyi, that wheel pulley won’t fit on Calibers without filing the hanger

The BMS to Battery - cable looks off to me. Where exactly does that go? What about the balance leads?

Didn’t want to convolute the other wires with 10 balance wires so I’ve represented those connections with the ellipsis on each battery :grin:

Will I have much to file? I might end up having to print a wheel pulley

you dont file so much as cut, but you’ll have to cut off about 8mm from the hangar. I used a dremel.

I think that ID was around 2mm smaller than needed Maybe you’ll be better off with printing a pulley, buying from HK ( if you find them available :sweat_smile:), paying more and buying from forum members

You will have a hard time with that motor mount and the caliber trucks. The motor you bought also won’t be very plug and play with that mount. I think you should chuck the turnigy mount and get one made for caliber trucks, it will save you a lot of headaches.

It’s been hard to source parts in Australia, would have any recommendations for pulleys and mounts here in Aus?

Pulleys:’t know if caliber axle is long enough for these) Mount: @marcmt88

My parts have been ordered around 2 weeks ago so as they come in I’ll modify and reiterate my design

Last few cables and connectors have rolled in as well as my first mounting attempt: imageimageimageimageimage Clearance was too close to the board so I’ve got some 14mm risers coming! The pulleys fit perfectly after a little file, and came in a blazing red which is a happy surprise :blush:

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Untitled-1%20copy This is an updated wiring diagram for balance only BMS.

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