Rubber hub motors, and 10s2p battery 50$ [for sale]hubs 60$

image Would like 60$ You pay shipping(US ONLY) image image image image Battery without heat sink is left, want 50$ you pay shipping

Who makes the hubs?

I got them from a friend but skull boards sell the same ones

Actually there different, they are made by starkboard and have 350 watts

Interested in them

Yes, possibly. I haven’t heard of starkboards. Couldn’t find any wheel specs on their site.

What size are the wheels? What kind of material?

They are 90mm rubber, 350watts a piece for a 36v battery, they are heavy duty

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They are practically new

I believe it is patent by stark board because I’ve only seen this board with wheels like it, but the skyllboard wheels are similar

Is that helpful in any way

Thanks for the info. Looks like a cool setup and I like the tread pattern!

interested in battery

Ok, what’s your paypal

Which battery

Those two are both LG MF1 right? Does the cheaper one have more miles on it?

No it cant be mh1, that would be 4.4ah. Also i highly doubt the range stats he has on there. Nomal ruding will struggle to get 5 miles out of poor cell lg packs

Would those wheels work with a meepo esc?

I believe they both have less then 40 miles on them

One just looks more appealing to me

I’m not sure, not an esk8 expert