Rubber hub motors, and 10s2p battery 50$ [for sale]hubs 60$

I have gotten up to 7 miles with charge still left in there

I’ve gotten more then 5 miles at top speed, it’s not a bad battery

Maybe just update here to keep things simple

Are you interested in anything, I’m moving tommarow and really need this things gone

Just bought a set of hubs the other day. Just here to clarify


Which one should I keep

This one. Thanks and good luck :crossed_fingers:

Thanks, have a great dat

They both have less then 20 miles on them

Bump up please, need this stuff gone

What type of cells? Might help with a sale

Errr what?

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I believe they are lg

They say something like 11865

I took it from my starkboard

Just googled it, the greyish ones are mf1 cells rated at 2150mah and 10a discharge.

They aren’t grey, they are pink

Haha same thing, they look grey on my screen. What board is the wrapped one from?