SALE | 2x flier Vescs 4.12 for 60€ each or 100€ for both / paris trucks | EU & WORLD

I stopped some projects so I have used and new parts for sale. I’m based in europe, austria.

So what I have to sell:

2x Paris trucks V2 180mm (with some scratches) LEFT SIDE OF PIC PRICE: 25 € (original price: 60 €)

2x Paris trucks V2 180mm (almost new) RIGHT SIDE OF PIC one side filed down to 18mm for motor mount (for 9mm belt) PRICE: 30 € (original price: 60 €)

[SOLD!] 2x Flier HW 4.12 (2016) with massive heat sinks, all mosfets are placed on one side of the pcb (used for 6 weeks each). Hall Sensor ports and temp sensors are not working but I’ve never had problems in sensorless BLDC mode with heat due to heat sinks. PRICE: 60 € each or 100€ for both (original price: 130 € each)

[SOLD!] 2x almost new high quality controller 4.12 from (made in germany), used them for about 4 weeks with FW 3.26 in FOC (with 10S), running flawlessly. I bought them this summer including 2 years warranty. The grey thing on the shrink tube is from a self adhesive foam. I can add new shrink tube, change the direction of the power cables and change connectors. PRICE: 99 € each (original price: 149 € each)

[SOLD!] 1x Maytech HW 4.12 (2017) with bootloader installed used for a couple of days only but I need FOC (not possible with this maytech) with cutted JST legs of hall sensor port (will add new shrink tube if wanted) PRICE: 70 € (original price: 125 €)

[SOLD!] 1x Alien power systems sensorless 6355 HEV motor 190kv 10mm shaft with 3mm keyway (brand-new) PRICE: 59 € (original price: 78 €)

[SOLD!] 1x Maytech sensored 6364 200kv motor, 8mm shaft with 3mm keyway custom color :wink: (brand-new) PRICE: 85 € (original price: 130 €)

[SOLD!] 2x Alien power systems sensored 6355 motor 190kv 10mm shaft with 3mm keyway (brand-new) PRICE: 120 € for both only sell them as a pair (original price: 73 € each)

[SOLD!] 1x APS pulley HTD5m 15T for 15 mm belt with 3mm keyway 8 mm bore (brand-new) PRICE: 10 € (original price:17 €)

[SOLD!] 1x Vedder Antispark switch with fuse (brand-new) 40A fuse will blow after 60A for 10 seconds PRICE: 20 € (original price: 29 €)

[SOLD!] 1x 10s BMS with balancing | 60A cont. discharge / 120A max.| 86mm x 95mm x 10mm (brand-new) PRICE: 25 € (original price: 35 €)

[SOLD!] Battery Capacity Indicators in percentage, adjustable up to 12s PRICE: 5 € each

[SOLD!] 1x APS aluminium wheel pulley HTD5m 32T for Orangatang Kegel and 9mm belt PRICE: 19 € (original price: 52 €)

[SOLD!] HTD5m 15mm 280mm belts (brand-new) PRICE: 4 € each or 10 € for all (original price: 8,90 € each)

[SOLD!] APS motor mount for Paris trucks or similar 18mm trucks (used for 3 months but many scratches on one side and broken clamping ring) but it’s still working. You can order a new ring for cheap or mount it with the broken one. There are clamping rings for other trucks available, too. PRICE: 15 € (original price: 47 €)

Shipping costs within europe for most items:

BY MAIL 5,50 € - 9,90 € | delivery 5-10 days | without tracking and insurance BY HERMES OR GLS 9,90 - 12,90 € | delivery a couple of days | with tracking and insurance for international shipping ask me for costs depending on your country.

Payment by PayPal or bank transfer

Didn’t want to spam with too much pics, you can PM me for pics for following items:

2x No name 195mm longboard trucks black (brand-new) PRICE: 15 € for both

2x Shock absorbing riser pads for longboard trucks 6mm width PRICE: 3 € each

Flying wheels “Earth Tree 37” flexible bamboo longboard (used for 2 months) PRICE: 60 € (original price: 160 €)

4x 5” (125mm) offroad rubber wheels for longboard trucks (too much rolling resistance on concrete, better for featherweight or offroad use or even different projects) including spacers, without bearings (standard bearings) (used for 5 min only) PRICE: 10 €

2x Penny board style plastic decks in blue PRICE: 5 € each

4x Penny board style trucks PRICE: 3 € each

15 years old skateboard with big ramp wheels PRICE: 20 € (original price: about 200 € in local skate shop)

I’m a bit interested in the pulley kit but I’ve some questions, I will pm :slight_smile:


What would the motor mount cost to ship for Canada? If reasonable, i would like it please.

2x Alien power systems sensored 6355 motor 190kv

  • all the 285 belts

+all volt meters

+kegel pulleys


on [quote=“banjaxxed, post:4, topic:35989, full:true”] 2x Alien power systems sensored 6355 motor 190kv

all the 285 belts

+all volt meters

+kegel pulleys

Thanks [/quote

Did I just miss out on exactly what I want? I want this exact list. I’m in US though. ]

Well up to @rich but I hope I’m in for the win :joy:

Ps by volt meter I mean capacity meters

Oh and the APS clamp with broken ring and anti spark too :grimacing:

@rich I hope you’re doing this in order… :sweat_smile:

How bout we split it @banjaxxed?

I get the motors, you get everything else?

Thanks for your interest guys! So funny the quote :joy::laughing:, I’ll pm @banjaxxed first, then @LTLeboard :wink:

:laughing: Yes, I have to , pm you when I checked the shipping costs


On phone putting kid to bed pathetic right?

LOL been there brother…

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@rich is that an eswitch bms? If so add it to the bag man

No e-switch, but temperature sensor :wink: Here some specs for the bms:

interested in motor mount.if Lionpuncher doesn’t want, i’ll buy it. I’m from UK

You’re killing me! send me the BMS as well @rich !!!

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Hey you got a picture of that no name 195mm trucks? How are the no name compared to Paris?

I want the antispark Pm me

I have never used this trucks, I bought a complete longboard because of the drop down deck and the offroad wheels. But the hanger is not really straight so it might be difficult for esk8 but might be good enough for normal use, but it’s not top quality, that’s all I know. But to be honest, I fell in love with paris trucks, they carve butter smooth and are miles ahead in performance and feel compared to any standard truck I have ever tried. Gullwing and Caliber are nice, too. But I switched to street/urban carver that’s also why I sell this parts which were supposed for a longboard build.

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Following items are reserved for @banjaxxed : 2x Alien power systems sensored 6355 motor 190kv 1x Vedder Antispark 1x 10s BMS 3 X Battery Capacity Indicators 1x APS aluminium wheel pulley HTD5m 32T 3x HTD5m 15mm 285mm belts

The motor mount is reserved for @Lionpuncher

I am sorry for @LTLeboard @pjotr47 @Grozniy , you would be next on the list.

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danke schön @rich !

Waiting to hear back if I should pay you for mount depending on whether Lionpuncher is willing to pay whatever the shiping is to Canada from Österreich.

@Lionpuncher it’s very beaten up dude and shipping will probably be like €20, you’re looking at almost $40 before you get it…you could theoretically get a new unbroken, unblemished one with dual idlers for similar coin in US/Can, threads a’plenty, look homework sir -

Full disclosure; I have a twofold reason for interest in the mount a) The post is free to me since I’ve eaten up lots of the list above = €15 extra cost to me, that’s it b) More importantly - I can’t figure out & pay up my total and get all my shiz till you piss or get off the pot! lollolololol

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